Amazon Reward Visa + Curve

Hi there, long time Curve user + Metal card holder.

I’ve been looking into the Amazon reward credit card. Their 5% back on Amazon purchases + 2% at restaurants & 1% elsewhere seems like one of the better reward schemes out there. I’d like to (ideally) combine that with the Curve 1%.

My question: if use my Amazon Card via my Curve Card, will I get the Amazon Cashback & Curve? Or just curve?

If it is the latter (which I suspect it is) it feels like a significant oversight that rewards don’t track through.

You will not, and it’s not something Curve can do anything about. When you use Curve, the retailer as far as the card is concerned is Curve, not Amazon and they can’t pretend to be someone they aren’t.

It is however extremely easy to just set up Amazon to use the Amazon card directly.

Category based retailers should track through, but individual retailers can’t be tracked via Curve.

Thanks v much for your response. I thought as much. Real shame though.

See what you mean about Curve not pretending to be something they are not, but it would be good if there was some way to work with these reward schemes to create some sort of pass-through recognition for these use cases. There can’t be that many UK cashback schemes that run on Visa or Mastercard, as Amazon do… having to use two cards defeats the purpose of Curve as an ‘all in one’ and removes other benefits like analytics, time machine, etc. The Amazon cashback offer is strong enough that it would tempt me to just switch to them.

Are there any reasons that I’m not thinking of why this kind of relationship would not be of interest to Amazon (in this case) and Curve?

Your last point is interesting, so are you saying that the Amazon 2% in restaurants could in theory still track through?

Mostly the issue is that Amazon and the likes only give the cashback because they want your data, and Curve doesn’t pass that through because it’s valuable to them as well. It costs a lot of money to run a credit card, and the real reason Amazon do it is so they can know where else their customer’s money is being spent so they can work out how they can get more of a share of the spending. There are probably also the technical difficulties involved and the work would be a) too much to justify on NewDay (the company providing the Amazon card) compared to the gain and b) open up Curve to a flood of potentially difficult integrations for a small number of customers when they could focus on more attractive features.

I get your point about the one card thing. It is frustrating, but in the particular case of Amazon it’s not difficult to just set up Amazon to use the Amazon card and use Curve for everything else. The analytics in Curve aren’t that useful, and on GBIT why would you use any other card on Amazon!?

If NewDay Credit are doing it properly, yes category based spending should be fine because Curve is allowed to pass through the MCC (Merchant Category Code) to NewDay with the transaction, and they should be using this to identify what spending is at restaurants etc. It’s only on specific retailers where it’s an issue, because card providers use the Merchant Name to identify these transactions, and in Curve’s case they have to add the CRV* prefix. It’s the same with transactions routed through the likes of PayPal or other third party providers (including Stripe in some cases).

Note that these numbers are for the American card - are you in the US? In the UK it’s only 0.75% at Amazon and 0.25% elsewhere.

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Ahhhhh they did seem generous. American would make a lot more sense with their card fees!