Amazon Rewards


I’ve been a free blue card Curve user for many years and I’m strongly tempted to upgrade to Metal in the New Year.

Looking at the choice of 6, 1% cashback retailers, Amazon is listed.

Does the 1% Curve cashback apply to everything through the Amazon portal including Amazon Market Place purchases?

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Yes it does :point_down:t2:

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Hi - at the moment i seem unable to use the 90 day free trial. I have a very old legacy free blue card under the old rewards program. I keep getting error 404 when trying to chose retailers from the app?

In principle the 90 days Curve cash is for new Customers only, so that is why you are unable to choose the retailers. But…
Since you are on the old rewards program you can contact support and ask them to switch you from the old rewards program to Curve cash. But this means that after 90 days you will not get any cashback under the Curve cash program, where now under the old rewards program you still get cashback at a lot of retailers :point_down:t2:

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