Amazon UK blocked

So I just tried to make a purchase with my card on Amazon UK for each attempt to be declined. I messaged support as was advised that transactions using curve aren’t allowed as they consider them to be high risk.

I find this very difficult to believe given you can still choose them as a cashback option.

This can’t be correct right?

Just made a purchase now with no problems - Didn’t use the phone, desktop PC - went through first time.

I don’t know if it was a bug or something. I used the same payment card direct with Amazon and it went through fine.

Just found the explanation given by support very odd.

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Glad it is (more or less) working - would like to hear a full explanation to your support-reply, as you say, strange…

Amazon UK worked 10mins minutes ago with 2 transactions:

Amazon Business with Curve using Amazon Pay (paid with Curve).

I’m not sure who this Lovely person (I’m sure there’s lots of lovely people) is at Curve but I wasn’t happy with some of their comments to me via email it sounded like it was totally made up.

Lovely is an amazing name though! :slight_smile: ::

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Hey @jamesyoung1989uk, this is an unusual response as Curve doesn’t block transactions to Amazon. I’m sorry this issue wasn’t handled correctly for you and I’m checking with our support team to make sure that the full team are aligned on this now.

I would recommend contacting the support team again if you’re still experiencing declines with Amazon so they can get to the bottom of it.

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Just made two purchases today with no problem

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@Curve_Joel I am having Amazon purcahses declined and got the same response from support as above that Amazon is a high risk merchant now, yet other people can make purchases with no issue? Support message was from KarolisZ.

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Remove the card and add it again (has worked for some users)
In my case I got one decline then later got a prompt in the Amazon app to re-authorise the card due to new UK SCA rules (got OTP via SMS) and has since been fine


Hey @Tenatious, sorry for the delay in getting back to your tag. As in James’ case, this is not correct information and obviously not a message that we want to be shared by members of the team. I’ve been in touch with the team leads to make sure everyone is fully aware that we allow transactions with Amazon!

Did Ivan’s solution work for you?

It is definitely on Amazon side.

Hey @Curve_Joel , I am now getting a similar message from customer support to say that transactions are blocked due to them being high risk. I have attempted a transaction today and it was declined when I tried my Curve card. I tried to resubmit the payment, and it was declined again.

Remove Curve card and add it again on Amazon, you will go through 3DS verification and it will work after that

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