Amex and Curve?

Are there any Curve cards that work with American Express/Amex?
If not works now, will it work later?

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Not working now.

Later? :point_down:t2:

I love AmEX, I love Curve…it pains me that this is still a dispute after all these years! :sob: There must be a way forward.

I do wonder; what is Curve actually doing about it and how can the people help?


Amex will never ever allow curve back. They loose to much money with interchange fees, and curve go back in time transactions are an issue with the Amex Plato form.

We might have a few things stacked against us but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop working to find a solution with Amex. :crossed_fingers:

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How about add PayPal, Google pay or Samsung pay so we can use the card with one of those and able to use Amex thru that?


I know, there is a news topic but it’s more than one year. Anything new about Amex integration?

Since there is no possibility to add amex right now, how about adding Apple Pay as Payment method? So Curve could charge Apple Pay and Apple Pay Amex :wink:

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Hello @PatrickKalka,

Apple Pay indeed supports recurring billing.

Since Amex dont want to work with Curve, i think Amex blocks the Merchant Identifier from Curve and scans incoming transaction for “CRV” in the statement descriptor.

I dont think Amex would like to see Curve bypassing a processing ban/block.

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Hello @FlareCO,

It might be true that amex wouldn’t like it, but if there is an agreement with apple… and apple alows amex… you could say thats not curves business :wink:

And maybe people would like to use other cards though pay (google aswell) to “hide” die physical cardnumber from curve. There are other use cases then forcing amex into curve.

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Hello to everybody,

Please forgive me the double post, im not familiar how long / if ever there will be kind of an offical statement.

Is it worth waiting for amex to retun or is this way kind of dead?


It is dead. Amex did not want business with Curve. No hope.

Curve claimed they were taking Amex to court (another lie)
and wow - what a way to treat a business partner, the ability to use amex was literally the marketing tool of curve when the feature was launched


Thank you for your open words. That’s what i expected. So for me, there is currently no real use case any more. :slight_smile:

Just got an amex card as my everyday spend card and tried to add it to Curve. Came here hoping to find news it would be added soon. Guess I’ll be cancelling my Curve Metal subscription because it’s pointless to me now :man_shrugging:

I will probably do the same, quit Curve. Have no use without Amex. I am done waiting for Amex and Curve together :face_vomiting:

I think Amex does not want their card used with curve. Maybe with US launch they will success to convince them but I do not really rely on it

where can we find out about the US version?

Still in Beta for now

Same as you, just picked up an AMEX for every day use and have been a Curve Metal customer since it launched. Unfortunately there is little use for it now if I cannot add my AMEX.