Amex Beta Testing Announcement

Everyone within the community will be able to apply for the Beta program :smile:


Great news! Thank you so much!

Will all Amex cards be able to use Curve?

Can’t wait for Amex support !

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I wanted to point out the typo on that mock-up
You have to choose your team
American Express
A Mexican express ?
Amex rican tex mex ?

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Whoops, thank you for the heads-up! It is definitely either American Express of Amex. The last designer just started the weekend, so I’ll upload a corrected version on Monday :slight_smile:

Initially, we will be able to support Amex in the UK. You can find more information and stay updated here: Curve's Product Roadmap

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Really, really pleased to hear this - it makes Curve a real game-changer for credit/charge card usage.

I am literally in tears right now :sob::sob::sob:

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On the 20th of Nov only select curve users will be able to try it whilst in beta?

Correct :slight_smile: We will share the application link on this thread so everyone in the forum can apply to beta test the Amex feature.

My biggest issue has been Amex support as it is my principal expenses card. This is a major upgrade to Curve if it comes off and I would be very happy to beta and promote it!

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Hi Marie, could you confirm

  1. That loading Amex through curve will not incur additional charges? Like of a certain percentage of the total amount charged?

  2. Did Amex confirm that all curve transactions will be treated as a purchase or a cash advance?

  3. With Amex joining the group, I think the next challenge is to increase the spending limits? I have utilised £15K Amex transactions just in one billing cycle and my 365 Days Spending Limit is only £10K :sob::sob::sob:

As far as I’m aware, you can message support via the app to get a limit increase review!

Amex top-ups should be fee free hopefully!

Brilliant - I’d like to test Amex as well (- spent around £700 last month, but only got it half way through the month - any plans for Diners Club?). Like @raymund.belleza , I also need to get the spending limits on my Curve card increased: had £15k spent on my credit cards last month (a little bit unusual tbh) and maxed out my Curve £5k monthly limit within 14 days of having it…

The details aren’t public information just yet. We will provide more information for beta testers and when we launch it :slight_smile:


From the user perspective its great to have AmEx back, less cards in our wallet. From the Curve point of view, I’m not quite sure I’m happy that AmEx comes back.
Lets face it, with the interbank fee cut all EU banks are limited to a 0.5% “win” for personal cards, for commercial cards there is not limit.
Same with AmEx, no limit whatsoever.

Meaning: If you have a Curve personal card and use it at any merchant, Curve only gets 0.5% max but has to pay a much higher fee to charge the underlying AmEx card --> Curve loses money with every transaction charged to AmEx. Curve losing money is not good for our end users in the end, since we want Curve to make money so Curve stays on the market for a long time!

The people behind curve are brilliant human beings. This is a business and losing money is not a sustainable business model. The fact that Amex re-joined, it means there’s a bigger and better profitable plan behind the scenes. To be honest, I don’t mind taking in a 1.5% charge on every purchased per amex per use as long as all of these transactions are treated as purchased, thus; though you may pay the a fee but you earn points, pay off amex bill with another credit card that also earn points or cash back. It will offset the fees

I agree with the fees, if Curve loses $% with AmEx underyling cards, they should charge an AmEx fee for every transaction then so they don’t lose any money

:+1: this is good news

I’ll look forward to being part of the Beta test team Maria. Its my forte!! Breaking things!

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