Amex Beta Testing Announcement

:+1: this is good news

I’ll look forward to being part of the Beta test team Maria. Its my forte!! Breaking things!

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Then you should definitely apply for join the Amex beta program :smile::ok_hand:t2:

@Curve_Marie I have used up the £50k annual limit on my current Curve card. With the Amex rollout and a new product launch, will you be increasing limits? What will this mean for my current used limits? Or will I start from zero again?

Co-branded Amex cards also fall under the interchange cap.

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I’d like to know the answer re reset limits too! Thanks for the invite Marie

Perhaps a model that could work is that Amex co-brand is available to regular members, and the Amex green, gold, plat only available on the premium card, for a small recurring (£20?) per month? I’d be happy with that.

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£20 per month would be steep for this, personally. I’ll happily join the beta though but I’d want to see the proposed charges (if any) before deciding to use AmEx going forward.

I cannot wait for this.

@ sahajesh.

Yes, a little steep I agree, but better than % charge per transaction surely? Spend £1k in a month and a 3% fee means you’ve paid £30.

Hi Marie,

I’ve just joined the curve community and would be very keen to beta Amex. Thanks, Marcus

Definitely looking forward to AMEX integration, great news as American Express is my primary card so in combination with Curve this definitely enhances the coverage. And yes, spending limit needs to be increased then :wink:

One thing that worries me is that AMEX support is initially only available in UK or respectively for UK cards only (to be clarified), according to the roadmap :drooling_face: For us European clients it would mean another six months of wait. Is this really true?

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As a huge fan of Amex I would love to beta test this. I use my Amex Platinum Card daily, be brilliant to have it connected to my Curve Card too.

Be great to see the planned rollout, associated costs and card limits.

Points make prizes!!! :grin:

As previously mentioned, very keen to be a part of the AMEX beta…


Firstly and as requested a quick intro. I’m Neil, mid 50’s and a serial addict of loyalty schemes. I follow sites like “Head for Points” to fuel my ongoing addiction. Professionally, I am CTO of a UK software vendor specialising in data integrity within the financial services industry and we have a number of specialisms including payments and credit card processing.

Secondly, I am a fan of Amex, specifically the BA Premium Plus cobranded card as it is my main contributor to my loyalty scheme addiction helping to earn many avios each year.

I am definitely pleased to see Amex rejoining curve but I am curious as to why people on here seem to be getting so excited by this. I fear I am missing something and I don’t like that!

For me the main benefits of Amex on Curve will be 1) I can reduce my wallet to just my curve card - I love this but in reality not actually that exciting, 2) that small percentage of my spend that currently goes onto Curve because the retailer doesn’t accept Amex will now be able to charge my Amex via curve (I’d estimate this at less than 5% of my spend - significant but not game changing) and 3) my foreign currency spend which I always direct at Curve even when the retailer accepts Amex will now also hit my Amex (perhaps another 5%). These are all good benefits and definitely worth doing. But am I missing something? The excitement level would suggest that there’s more!


I think it all depends on how much spend you can’t currently put on AMEX. For me, any tax bills (VAT, PAYE etc) can’t be put on AMEX. This is a big potential reward earning capability when AMEX support goes live.

Amex for European customers is categorised within “Short Term” on Curve’s Product Roadmap meaning that we aim to deliver it within 6 months :slight_smile:


Are European Customers within this community able to be a part of the beta test?

Our product team is meeting today to confirm the details of the beta testing process. We will provide all the information you’ll need to know whether you are eligible to apply for the Amex Beta Test program. I’ll write an update here with more information, including the application link, within the next days days :smiley:


Hi, I would be part of beta too.