Amex Beta Testing Announcement

So, UK first?

AmEx integration would be awesome, as acceptance is still rather low here in Germany (only big chains and touristy stores take it)


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Starting out in the UK before expanding to Europe :slight_smile:


At last :+1: Can’t wait

Great New!!! Can my first involvement be on the Beta please???

Have been using Curve for a while and my only complaint was that I couldn’t use my Amex with it. Well done for bringing it back and I can’t wait for it…

Thanks for the invite. I hope to be able to provide some insight to the Amex integration. I am a 55 semi retired travel addict currently sunning in St Lucia. Ex IT and mobile phones background currently spending my kids inheritance.

Like many here I suspect I always am looking for any points angle when spending on cards. Been around in the miles game for 10 years or so but am still amazed that every day is a school day.

All the best to curve and other here. Roll on the 20th.


Where are you in St. Lucia? I have a house there and am arriving next Monday!

An early user of Curve so it will be good to get it back, I do wonder how you will charge for the usage though

@lsdnick. Rodney Bay… Harbor club - having a blast

Definately looking forward to testing this with UK Amex card - if it works for me great, if it doesn’t then no big deal either.

Hi Will the BA Amex card also I assume work with these?

Exciting news Curve team! Massively looking forward. Thanks for all the hard work :+1:

Great news, I look forward to being part of your beta team!

The beta test is only for UK resident for now? Or all people in this community?

We are nearly done with the information to how to apply. I’ll create a new thread in the forum later today and will link to it here. It will contain all the information you need to know wether you would be eligible for the closed Amex Beta program.


Finally!! Can NOT wait :grin:

Hi Bill from Sussex - this will be a gamechanger ! - thanks to Rob at Head for Points for introducing me to Curve

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Fantastic, another reason why Curve has become a leader in fintech.

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Very excited to hear of progress and hopeful to be part of the Beta testing

Woo - This will be brilliant - Very happy to be here for the relaunch of it!

I’ve had a read through, but are the specifics still under wraps?

Nothing has been mentioned regarding a potential cost, or whether it’s exclusive to the black card etc?