Amex Replacement Idea

Hi Everyone,

Have sat back and read with disappointment that Amex pulled the use of their cards with Curve and Billhop so my brain has been going into overdrive and I have come up an idea that i’m Sure others have mentioned but I couldn’t find the topic.


Curve Card’s can accrue there own Curve reward points that just like the Amex membership rewards can then be converted into a number of different rewards but most inportantly they can be converted into AVIOS.

Capital On Tap the commercial credit card have just launched their card doing 0.5% cash back or Avios. And it’s very interesting.

For me the Amex rewards are the main attraction to Amex cards so if Curve Commercial Metal can add the ability to earn Avios points by using my Curve card then you really will become once again the:


Now this idea may only work on the commercial cards but that’s what I have but your input would be welcome to find a way round it.

Thank you and ideas/feedback would be gratefuly received.


For me, although I have a BAEC account and therefore understand Avios and do use them, I wouldn’t wish to be restricted to just gaining Avios as the main perk of using a Curve subscription card. I think the fact that @Curve_Marie has felt in necessary to create a single high level area for ‘Amex related issues’ demonstrates that for most people having an alternative route to Amex cashback &/or rewards (via Curve) is what most people want and they (and most certainly I) will only be happy with a subscription model for Curve when FULL Amex functionality is restored.

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We are pursuing all possible avenues to bring Amex back as soon as possible. When pursuing legal avenues, the timeline may be long enough that we wish to find alternative offers for our customers before the status of the Amex feature is concluded.

Amex is not currently available via Curve, therefore it’s not under Product and Features. The rationale for creating a subcategory was written in the “Community page new category and structure” post:

Before the restructuring, several topics on Amex were created across the community - now there’s a central place to keep up-to-date. Having everything in one place make it easy to find for existing and new community members.

If something is unclear, ask me directly, and I’ll give you an answer.

I have a Monese account and Avios is integrated now for free. So there is no need for a suscription