Amex Top Up


I’m putting this on here as, for once, the support via the App has been pretty shocking this week.

I have a small top up balance on my Amex card in my wallet. I’d like to withdraw that if possible.

The idea from Curve is to spend the exact amount that is there on a transaction and “job done” - I guess I can go this route but getting the cash back would be a simpler option?

I think I can delete the card and it will go back to my Amex, but I don’t really use that card any more?

Anyone done this?



Get an account at Revolut and top up your account there with the exact amount that you have left in your Amex wallet. Job done!

Why Revolt? I’ve seen a few people suggest this, so interested to see why…

You can do the same with Monzo or Starling if you’re in UK. Revolut is available across Europe so works for people outside UK too.

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Starling stopped accepting debit card top ups last year IIRC?

You can use Starling’s Settle Up feature to pay in using debit card.

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I just opened a ticket and they transferred it to my Curve Cash where it combined with various other refunds I’ve had due to Covid and I withdrew it.

That would have been ideal, but wasn’t given that option and they are now ignoring my requests it seems…

No reply to my chase on 17th July and the follow up has been marked as closed on Zendesk on the 20th July.