AMEX update


Whats the latest on bringing back AMEX to curve. Can the admin team advise what avenues are being investigated and an interim update?



Would be nice to know if we need to find and alternative or keep sticking to curve

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Well let us know if you find an alternative.

PS: There used to be Coin, and there’s But they don’t offer a physical card, yet.

It is unlikely to ever happen, unless a court forces it.

Certainly not in 2019.

From January Launch FAQs

As requested - an interim update on Amex :slight_smile:


we’re working with a top law firm to consider recourse through the courts make your case in front of the courts and relevant financial regulators.

Seems like this post could use some copy editing :wink:

Thanks, will go over it :smiley:

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Hi All,

I haven’t followed the community much lately I would like to know if there is any news about the come back of support for Amex?


:wave: Hello Tia,

Not really. The latest update is mentioned in a post a bit further up :point_up:


Just checking in on this - do we have any recent updates?


Hey @Erki
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We are still working on this at the moment, although we don’t have any further updates. As soon as we have an update, we’ll share! :sweat_smile:

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Will AMEX work currently on Curve or when is it planned to do so?

Currently not.

I found the couple of sentences in the ‘What a year!’ email quite interesting. It obviously isn’t saying much, but it sounds quite optimistic and makes it seem as though progress has been made. I doubt they would get our hopes up without reason given that I think many people have kind of accepted Amex has gone at this point, and either cancelled or adapted their card use accordingly.

Hope you are right :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Just wondering if there’s an update on the legal action?

I use my Amex for pretty much everything and it’s a shame I can’t use that with Curve :frowning:


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If there was any positive news at all, it is my sincere belief that Curve would toot their horn all over, make a sticky post here on the forum and send email about the good news to everyone and their dog and so on. Since none of that has happened…