Amex wallet refund request

Hmm,…after the Amex issues last week I deleted both of my Amex cards triggering a refund (displayed on the Curve app) totalling approximately £5k.

The top ups that had shown on my Amex account as pending simply disappeared from my Amex app and on Curve but the actual credits to my wallets have yet to be returned to Amex.

Less than ideal as the reason for requesting a refund was that I couldn’t get clarity on how my funds would be protected.

Any thoughts or similar experiences?

Bumping this post on the basis that others must have this or a similar problem…

I removed the wallet on the 2nd, but still haven’t see any refund through either … Would love to see some
Clarification on this.

Hey guys, I removed one of my amex cards a few weeks back and it automatically refunded my wallet in a few days.

I think maybe since amex integration has gone, you might need to manually request a refund via the support team!

Thanks for the suggestion. I have asked Curve for an update on the refund and have heard nothing.

I am going to speak to American Express.

Please let curve have a couple of days to get back to you, they’ve got a huge back log.

Speaking to Amex may maybe push amex support for curve back…

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Just received an email from Curve confirming that they had a technical issue which placed refunds on hold but that mine had now been processed. Will let you know.

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I have now received my Amex refund


Awesome, glad to hear you’re sorted!

Let’s get this thread closed up!

Query resolved