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Quick question and apologies if already answered. My wallet is set to £100 auto top up. If I say want to make a £2000 payment, will this authorise and then take the £2000 from my Amex, or do I need to “pre-load”?

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If your wallet currently have £100 and you have the auto top up set up, then it will auto top up £1900 first before authorising the £2000 payment.

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But won’t decline before it tops up to the spend requested?

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I won’t decline.

I’ve tried this earlier in the week :slight_smile:

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Great- thanks for the reply. Really appreciate your comment.

Glad this is the case! Thanks for letting us know it works. Granted there is a situation with amex right now but I went the same route, topped up £100 and enabled auto, in the hopes it would do the above as it posed less risk given deposits aren’t covered under fscs protection.

I’m confused by this.

If you don’t need funds in your Amex wallet before spending with auto-topup, what’s the point of the Amex wallet? We don’t have a Visa or Mastercard wallet.

Surely I could have a zero balance in my Amex wallet and then spend £500 with Amex. I don’t get it.

So i don’t think I had access to the auto-topup before topping up the minimum £100 manually.

However Amex has now been disabled so my wallet balance is just being burned down now.

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