"AMP;AMP;" or blank space shown instead of "&" in transaction details

Transaction details on bank statements could be simplified. I’ve had the following which I’ve no idea what it is…


has this been discussed in the past?

Looks like you bought something at H&M…the “&” is replaced by “AMP;AMP;”

Transaction details are being discussed here:

and here:

I think in your case the details couldn’t even be more simplified and probably if there would have been more details you might have recognized the transaction.
I am curious if Curve receives the transaction details with the “AMP;AMP;” instead of the “&” or that Curve does receive the “&” but messes it up (and turns it into “AMP;AMP;”) before it is displayed in the Curve app.


The “&” mark in the company name, is changed to “AMP;AMP;”

Yep, sounds right now. I, for the life of me, could not work out what it was!! Thanks!

Yes I guess the key question is what happens if you charge it directly to your underlying card - was it set up incorrectly on the merchant terminal or has Curve done something funny to the name as it passed through their system. Probably need that other data point to know for sure, but I don’t recall anyone mentioning this issue before so makes it a wee bit less likely to be a Curve issue.

It’s a Curve issue. First If you look in the Curve app in the Wallet and under the card, you can see that Curve completly misses the “&” mark at in the merchant name.

That you get this AMP;AMP; is just a wrong character coding in Curve.


Could this be fixed?

Do you have examples where you’ve seen it for other merchants?

& showing up totally fine for me in Curve…

As I say it could be wrongly encoded by the merchant then passed through…

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When using underlying card, it shows always correct on bank statements. When using Curve, it shows it wrong.

As I said, this is the situation when looking in Curve wallet. The merchants name has a “&” in the name, but Curve doesn’t show it(only a blank space). In this case, you get it wrong on the bank statement.

In yor example, where it’s correct in Curve, do you get it wrong on the bank statement?

Nope, correct on both.

I said “When using underlying card, it shows always correct on bank statements. When using Curve, it shows it wrong.” To clarify, I mean that this happens in my case.

If you have it correct on both, then it would good to have other exaples from users with the problem. At the moment, it seems like the missing “&” under card in Wallet causes the problem. This has still to be a Curve issue. Why is the “&” missing in Curve, but not when using another card?

My Curve App doesn’t even display the ‘&’ within the transaction details…

Then it also results wrong under bank statements. So the problem is Curve, that for some reason misses the “&” on merchant names.


When there is a " & " mark in the merchant name, Curve shows it wrong in the app(it doesn’t show it at all), and in bank statement you get “AMP;AMP;” in the merchant name.

How it works, when using Curve card

  1. If the merchant name is for example “H & M”, in Curve under card in wallet, there is no “&” at all in the merchant name, the merchant name is “H M”.

Now it’s on the bank statement as “CRV*H AMP;AMP; M LONDON”.

It should be “CRV*H & M LONDON”

If you pay directly with the underlying card, the merchant name on the bank statement is correct “H & M”.

  1. If the merchant name is for example “A&B”, in Curve under card in wallet, the merchant name is correct, and also on the bank statement “CRV*A&B LONDON”

  2. If the merchant name is instead "A & B", it’s wrong again.

So if there is a space before and after the “&” mark like “xxx & xxx”, it will be wrong in Curve(no “&” at all) and on the bank statement"AMP;AMP;" when it should be a " & ".

In Samsung Pay and Google Pay it shows correct, so its a Curve bug.

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@Curve_Josh @Marie - Please note this topic is now in Bug Report (was prev Gen Chat) and ask the development team to look into it accordingly.


Please remove also “LONDON” in the end of the string, its confusing. It reads on the bank statement on every pay made with Curve.

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This is what is showing on the statement for the underlying card not Curve…

Looks fine on statement too for me, but appreciate some are seeing something different…


Shows fine on Curve and the underlying card for me. Could be that different banks treat “&” differently when coming from Curve.

It is shown wrong, if it’s " & ", and Curve doesnt show the & at all.

As stated by the topic author, your example has “M&S” with no spaces, which seems fine, whereas my local M&S which is listed as “Marks & Spencer” means I do see the amp:amp on the underlying card.