An error occurred, please try again later

Hi there,
So first off, if logged this issue with support twice now but they have been absolutely useless at resolving (they seem to respond quickly with a general common sense rebuttal, then never respond to additional lines of questioning, leading me to believe the support team may actually be bots, or possibly just incapable humans).
Anyway, I’ve not been able to use Curve for a week now, and as both a metal subscriber and an investor, I find this incredible.
Can you imagine a traditional bank leaving a customer without a working bank account? I cannot.

So first off, let me paint the scene:
I received my nice new investor card a couple weeks ago so one weekend I decide to switch from the red metal one to the black metal one, which has no identifying card features printed on the card itself (this is important for later).
So I go ahead and switch cards. The picture of the card updates but then the app throws an error “an error has occluded, please try again later”
So of course I try again, same issue. Ok, I think, maybe curve are having some issues, so I go do something else that day and come back to it the following day, same issue. I log it with support via the app and they respond promptly the first time (as seems to be the MO on support - respond quickly the first time then never respond on the same ticket again) and tells me about the wire card issues that I’m sure we are all aware of now.
So 2 days go past and we’re told Curve is mostly working again.
So I log back in and go to check me card details (remember, my new card has no identifying features on it (card number, expiry, ccv etc - I need to get these from the app, but I can’t as it tells me an error occurred any time I try). So given the first support agent is now refusing to talk to me, I open another new ticket. Again I say what the issue is in the OP and again I get a relatively quick (but useless) response telling me I need to access the app to get this info (I know, I told you that in my OP) then failing to respond to any further queries on the case.
So here I am, a week and two support requests later, stuck in the same boat as before - I can’t use my curve card because I don’t know my card number/expiry/CCV and so can’t update my card numbers anywhere and support seem unable to resolve or even respond with a suitable acknowledgement of the issue…
This has massively knocked my confidence in Curve.
Is there another avenue I should be using for support, other than via the app under help?

I’ve actually the same problem, reported it on the 29th of June but no solution what so ever making the card useless…

Not that it’s much consolation, but I’m glad I’m not the only one in this turd bucket.

If it helps at all, here’s the most competent response I’ve had, this was from the 6th CSR I spoke to on this issue, the first 5 gave me common-sense rebuttals (that I need to get the card deets etc from the app, that I should delete and reinstall the app etc - all things I had done before logging the initial case and all things I had already told them I had done. It’s almost as if they don’t read the initial case before responding).
"I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. We’re currently investigating this issue with our Engineering Team and will get back to you as soon as we have an update. Just to manage your expectations, we don’t have a timeframe to resolve this issue at the moment. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as our engineers have been able to fix this issue.

Also, investigating this I found this gem on their blog post:
“If you are not able to see your card details in-app, we ask that you go old-school again for the moment and make your online purchases with your card beside you. We know this is not ideal (yeah we love the feature too) and we’re sorry it’s not quite there yet – but we are well on the way!”
All well and good if your card actually had the details on it. But you’re goosed if you’ve got one of the new cards like me (as they have no details printed on them).

Annoyingly I only just renewed my Curve Metal sub 2 or 3 weeks ago, when things were working and decent. Had I had this experience prior to renewing, I’m not so sure I would have.

The most annoying thing about this is that I still have my Curve Red Metal card - can’t they just switch me back to that in the meantime?