An update from the Curve support team

What’s going on with Curve customer support?

Our customer support hasn’t been up to scratch lately. Responses have been slow and we want to explain why. Back in late August, we moved to a new system that will make customer support much faster and more efficient.

But something happened- Thousands of old queries got mixed in with the new and we had no way of distinguishing between them. This meant 100s of hours of extra work for our people in CX and sadly, extra waiting time for you.

Since then, we’ve been putting in overtime. We’ve sped up our hiring efforts. We’ve borrowed people from other parts of the business to chip in. We dug deep and we’ve made headway but we’re not quite there yet.

We know you deserve better and that’s exactly what we’re going to deliver – swift, in-app resolutions, resolved within 24 hours! We’re still a few weeks away from being at our dream state, but we just wanted to assure you that we’re working around the clock to get there.

Lastly, if you’ve already raised a ticket, you won’t need to raise another. It’s not lost – just taking us a bit longer to get to it. Thanks for bearing with us while we transition to a smoother experience for everyone! :heart:


I guess it would have been smart of them to split teams and have one lot sort new tickets first as one works on the “backlog from their system mess.” In that case even those who had their tickets mingled could have had a chance to be sorted in case they raised same complaint again. I know many have raised the same complaint more than twice.


Nice try, but support has been terrible for years. Nobody is going to believe these words - support here is chronically under resourced - failing in both quality and quantity.

You even have to resort to a volunteer hiding all the complaints that come into the board in an old thread in the hope nobody will notice.

Set some targets. Give us the data on how you’re meeting or improving on meeting these targets. Do it weekly. Let go of the idea you can/have built an app so good that nobody needs to talk to support.

Curve want us to trust them with every card transaction we make. We need to see that you are actually doing support.


Poor customer service has been ongoing for well over a year, even before you migrated helpdesk from Zendesk to Kustomer (now owned by Facebook).

You’ve essentially scaled and under-invested in customer service. I genuinely hope you are now fixing this issue; however, you could have easily exported your Zendesk support tickets. As you mentioned when launching, the two systems weren’t compatible.

Let’s hope you listen to your customers before you lose the stream of revenue you garner from card transactions. The USA will either make or break Curve!


What do you mean? :thinking:

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Volunteer?! Are you kidding me, Curve pays me £100 for every complaint I ‘hide’ in that topic! :rofl:

This :point_down:t2:

This :point_up_2:t2:

For readability and usability of our community it’s far better to have one topic with many posts in it, than to have multiple topics on the same subject (in this case lack of support) with few posts in it.


I think the readability and usability of this community would be better served by Curve actually doing support rather than driving people to complain publicly out of frustration.

I’m sure the fact that some more critical users (eg ones who advise people of their rights to take the matter up with their card provider or the FOS) to 3 posts per thread also had nothing to do with the ‘shove them all on the heap’ approach to new complaint threads.


You are right, those two have indeed nothing do with eachother.

I guess you are referring to yourself when talking about some more critical users. You were given trust level 0 by our moderators, that level means that there are limits on the number of posts one can make in a topic. Users with a higher trust level (most users in this community have level 1 or higher) are more than welcome to post more often in the same topic.

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Heard it all before :confused:


Yeah, +1 to basically everyone else here.

Curve support hasn’t been good since the first year they existed. I think the last time someone replied to me within 24 hours was at the launch of Metal when all they had to do was copy and paste “sorry, we screwed up, we’ll cancel your subscription”.

24 hours isn’t even a very good standard to try and achieve. 24 hours when you have a problem is way, way too slow. 2-4 hours is the minimum standard as far as I’m concerned - and I expect the problem to be solved in that time, not some hopeless copy paste asking for details you’ve already been given.


Used to really like Curve.
But I’m more and more attracted to old school financial institutions that are actually reliable. Still okay to keep as backup card for now.
Not sure how I feel about having invested into Curve multiple times, I do hope that you can become great and profitable.

Re customer support via Kustomer, really bad to hear that it’s Facebook owned.

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But why is it possible that my card get blocked because im not verified(??) after using Curve for 2 years.
The live support did not even get me an answer after 5 days, the E-Mail Support now took 3 days without any answer.

Ill pay for that product, and wait days or weeks to get verified. But as metal User, this waiting time isnt free…


This can’t be true. It would mean that the people that manage our cards and has responsibility of our money is so incompetent they made a migration without a backup strategy


A database backup/transfer is a lot easier than handling customer card details, txns etc…


Exactly! If they can’t handle a backup, how can we trust them handling much harder topics?


So you’ve blocked my card because of suspected fraud… Which is fine. You’ve sent me an email informing me of this. Why not a text message, app notification, or even a phone call - that I can respond to immediately and can be handled automatically?

Instead I have to reply by email and wait for someone to deal with my reply. (Not holding my breath for a response any time soon)… Your phone lines are also down. This is a shocking level of service.

I think this the end of my relationship with curve.


My thoughts exactly. I’ve worked on many migrations of help desks, cms, back office functions, with minimal hickups. Curve are a whole other ball game.

Let’s hope they’ve finally learnt from poor customer support, automated macro responses, if not curve will be going the way of the dinosaurs.


I think the problem is that because Curve outsource their support, they simply don’t have access to the database.

In Curve’s position, most people would at least contact people who were affected well before a month had passed and say ‘Hey - we lost some tickets, sorry about that. If your enquiry is urgent please resubmit it so it goes right on the top of the pile!’. Nobody here has reported receiving such a message.

So either this level of courtesy didn’t occur to Curve or their relationship with their support supplier (old and/or new) is such that they cannot or will not work with them to get a list of customers with open tickets at a given point in time - ie ask the provider nicely do a little background DB work. They make it sound like they’ve literally had staff re-read every ticket ever opened in the hope of what - saving face?

They demonstrably cannot - they failed to correctly target ‘suspicious’ looking NS&I transactions from their own database (and by their own definition of suspicious) - and ended up accusing a good chunk of customers of breaking the rules when they weren’t… So having the support data in house is unlikely to have helped in this instance…

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Replies were fine when u had a proper live chat i actually has an agent right away now its a mess