An update from the Curve support team

Oh I know. I’m simply trying to drum it into their heads that anything more than minutes is really not acceptable!

Eventually someone at Curve might listen, who knows!? :joy:


We will know in a couple of weeks :joy:


It still baffles me that Curve think that a response time measured in hours is acceptable.

As someone with three decades of experience doing Customer Support and ten years in total working in the Finance industry, it is my professional opinion that “you ain’t just whistling Dixie”.

The best attitude to response times I ever encountered was a company I interviewed with whose target was that 95% of all phone calls would have the user talking to a real person in less time than it took for a phone to ring five times - on the initial incoming call and on any internal transfers from one support person to another - and all incoming support tickets by electronic means would get at least a “this named person, who you can contact , is dealing with your request and will be in touch” within ten minutes and some response - be it a partial answer or a request for more information - within one hour during business hours.


That’s the ideal world. But the Customer Support, IMHO, is just half of the problem.
I believe it is totally unacceptable that a blocker issue could last more than 3 months.
I’m a Software Engineer, and in my company we divide the issues in 3 different category: Low Priority, High Priority and Critical and we commit to a certain timeframe for resolving each issue.
For example, a critical issue requires the support to contact the customer within an hour and resolving the issue within 2 days.
I can’t believe that with Curve we can’t have a ticket number that we can follow on some website to see what happens, to add comments, to ping for updates, etc.
And it is unacceptable that they never commit to ANY timeframe. Never.


The lack of Customer Support at a click of a finger (the live in-app-chat we did have that was amazing) is starting to make me remove my every day (literally) spending away from Curve and resort back to using my bank cards again as I know that, should something go wrong, someone is available to talk to at Lloyds 24/7, be that over the phone or via their in-app-chat. As I have said before, I appreciate I am comparing Curve to Lloyds Bank, but Curve are within the Financial Sector and need to bring the same to the table. I want to know that if something came up when using my Curve Card at, say, 11pm, that I can get help there and then. Not many weeks down the line. If Curve are focusing on this mass-growth, then the main focus should be the Customer Service staff they have. EVEN if it is just the live in-app chat with someone 24/7, that alone is enough comfort that I have the right support for my money, especially when I am paying a monthly subscription to the service. If Lloyds, for example now, had no branches and didn’t respond to queries/problems for weeks on end, do you think customers would stick to using their product? Or do you think they would switch provider to where they have good customer service? Do you think if Tesco, again for example (just online grocery), ignored everyone’s complaints/queries or problems (damaged items within orders that you have paid for), do you think those customers would stick to using their service? Or do you think they would switch to another online grocery service? I would. Customer Service is the forefront of ANY business. Be that a bank, supermarket, Car Sales, Insurance Company etc etc. WITHOUT customers, there is no business.

So what will Curve do about this? Its been months upon months since this all began and yet we are no further forward with a solution. What is the programme for staff recruitment? How do Curve see themselves turning round the current timescale on dealing with tickets to lower timeframes?

I want to see Curve running the same as Monzo and the likes with support. I didn’t invest a little in this company, TWICE, to not see it be successful!

I do not know how Curve think this will work when they try and break into the US market, but if this isn’t right now and beforehand, it won’t survive. End of.


been waiting for over two months to get an explanation of unjustified fees Curve charged upon a withdrawal. been waiting for a response about my Curve card being blocked by all brick and mortar vendors for over a month by now (suggested solution by support over the in-app chat didn’t work and the chat is dead now)


Totally agree with everything you said, although support issues have been going on for way over 18 months+


I just don’t care my card is blocked for a month and I can’t use it

I’m out. I’m done. Curve has failed me for the last time.

I’ve been a Curve Blue user for two years and until 6 months ago I was thinking of upgrading to Curve Metal, but Curve customer services is truly and utterly horrific.

Double charge disputes, preauthorisation reversals and disputed transactions go unanswered when raised with support. Email and chat are basically useless.

Let’s not forget when Curve had the rug pulled from underneath them and all our cards stopped working? Not Curve’s fault but that was handled in a truly appalling way taking almost 24 hours to send out comms, leaving countless customers without a valid payment method wondering WTF was going on.

While not directly Curve’s fault either, the Creation fiasco was a nightmare (for both parties) but Curve’s continued rhetoric of “we’re working on it” grew tiresome after a couple of weeks. We’re months down the line and still no updates from Curve. At this stage a simple “yeah, Creation don’t like us” would suffice…

The latest and final straw - a super simple product not as described transaction dispute with all the evidence, took the full 45-days to get a response, only to be told on day 48 (after I chased) that the merchant had defended and it would be passed to a specialist team. No response, no update and it’s now day 58. A complaint was submitted to Curve about the handling of the dispute after getting zero response for a number of days and they have also failed to acknowledge the complaint in their own published time frame.

I have never ever experienced such shoddy and appalling service from a regulated financial service and I have had dealings with Creation Finance customer services before…

I would rather have wallet bulge than a failing service that leaves me out of pocket and super frustrated.


Take away curve fronted and you have a product that under performs in every way shape and form.
Their goal of being a global go to financial brand, with their current customer service GUI is laughable.
I can get live chat and instant response from my local garden centre website!

As people have mentioned, in the current climate, any company that measures their customer service response time in days and not minutes will be left behind very quickly.

I doubt that management are taking note, if they were, we would have seen an improvement by now.


I concur, it’s why I’ve kept saying as soon as they launch in the USA they will utterly fail and flop. Americans detest poor customer support. To the point, social media will be full of vocal posts.


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Shambles is to nice a word to describe them.

:joy: :+1:


Update on the appalling customer service… the complaints team openly lie and the customer services team don’t read emails.

In response to Curve’s complete bungle of the simple charge-back case, I initiated a dispute with the underlying card. Curve finally came back to me a said they would refund the disputed transaction “as a gesture of goodwill” and I confirmed by reply on 9th November that the dispute with the underlying card was cancelled.

Final complaint letter received 11th November, partially upholding my complaint and confirming that the “team has refunded you” for the disputed transaction. No refund received (17th) and after chasing via email and socials, I get a very insincere “We were just about to get back to you…” asking if I had cancelled the underlying dispute… SERIOUSLY! Clearly I haven’t been refunded yet and clearly customer support can’t read… yet another reason why I have closed my account.


Hey everyone, thanks for your valuable feedback in this topic.

The current head of our customer service is currently taking questions here and would love to address your concerns for you so long as you adhere to the rules given in the first post in the topic.

This would be a good opportunity for you to personally voice concerns such as those mentioned in this topic. If you wouldn’t like to repost and rephrase your messages for her then I’ll paraphrase the issues you’ve already shared below when the questions are submitted so they’re still addressed.


Thanks @Curve_Joel! Can you copy my comment you have included in yours as one to also put within the Q&A (apologies, not easy to copy across on here when signed in on mobile)


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Of course @JoshuaBoots, any issues mentioned in this thread that aren’t raised as a question in the new one will be copied over including yours. :grin: I’m looking forward to having as many problems acknowledged and discussed as possible!


Appreciate it! :raised_hands:t4:

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