Android 2.1.8 feedback

Have noticed a cancelled transaction (Google authorisation from adding card in Chrome) is still showing as £1 charge in card details. I received notification of cancellation of transaction correctly and it is no longer showing in overall transaction list screen, only on the individual card page. Spend this month also incorrectly includes it. Clicking on the transaction just shows a blank transaction details page with a 0… Screenshot_20190206-073601|236x500

Yes, had the same bug and informed support via email. They already notified the tech team of the bug.

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Any chance of getting some proper release notes for these releases?

There’s been 1-2 releases a day recently, which is great, but the app is still very buggy - only one of the bugs I’ve noticed has actually been fixed. It would be good to know what has actually been fixed/changed in these releases, but the play store release notes just contain a bunch of hashtags about Amex.

If the app were in a good state, then it wouldn’t matter so much, but as it is it feels more like an early beta than a release version, so some actual release notes now and then would be good.


Totally agree - decent release notes would be much appreciated! @diego_curve

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Yes, big vote for changelogs :slight_smile:

Having crashed in the middle of the credit card verification the app simply hangs when restarted. Clearing cache works once, but I’m not able to use the app as it requests me to add my FIRST card but won’t let me add it because… it’s already defined. An then it hangs again :confused:

App start screen (not much here - just hanging)

(I’d like to post more screenshots but since it’s my first post, the forum won’t allow me to :frowning: )

Not the best first experience with Curve

is on V 2.1.9 now
try update maybe that would help

2.1.10 is already out on the play store :+1:

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Closing this one as 2.1.10 already out as @Lucas has said :slight_smile:

Has one of the recent updates resolved your issue?

Reopened to allow @Bartek to reply to @curve_tobias :slight_smile:


You can close again. Response was already given here:

Bug Report - Android v2.1.12

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Cheers @poeliev - working through backlog and has missed that!