Android 2.19.1

Running Android version 2.19.1

Apologies if these have already been reported. I couldn’t find an obvious ‘known issues’ post.

The Curve Cash card uses a different image on almost every screen. It’s the old red with swoosh on one screen, the rainbow text on the timeline and the new red & black mottle on the card carousel.

The ‘business services’ category was changed to blue a while ago. However on the timeline although the text is blue the ‘cloud’ image is still yellow.

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@thecremlin thanks for the feedback!

  • It looks like the curve cash card is cached in multiple places.
  • That icon will be updated in the next release.


Clearing the app cache has sorted the image used in the time line list, but going into a transaction’s details still shows the old red with a swoosh. So better, but not perfect.

The app clearly needs to be better in working out whether an image needs updating.

Hopefully these can be sorted with future updates.

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Well spotted! Have made your post into the official 2.19.1 issues post :stuck_out_tongue:

@nicb I see 2.20.1 is out now (updated last night) - any chance of a new thread with a changelog? :wink:

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Yes, thumbs up for changelog for 2.20.0 and 2.20.1

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@ediflyer @Lucas normal service has resumed…


Next version out - Bug report Android 2.21.1