[Android 2.45.1] New feature ready for testing! - Anti-Embarrassment Mode


We have an exciting new feature on Android, and need you to help us test it!

If you’re a beta tester you need to try out our newest feature. Introducing Anti-Embarrassment Mode, the feature that will help you say goodbye to declines. If your selected payment card doesn’t go through, we’ll automatically try the backup cards you designate, so you can pay without the panic. Turn on Anti-Embarrassment mode in your “account” tab to choose one or two cards from your Curve Wallet to act as backups.

Turning on Anti-Embarrassment Mode:

  1. Go to your “account” in the Curve app
  2. Tap “settings” on the top right corner
  3. Scroll to “features” and tap “backup cards”

How can I give feedback?

You can post your feedback in this thread below and we will try to give you a response as soon as possible.

Thanks all! Your feedback is essential for us to keep improving this feature!


It’s also helpful
When you try to buy something expensive online and forget to switch card

Is there a limit on how big the transaction can be?

There is no features on my settings menu. Yes I am on the beta.

Is there something you want us to do to test it?

Just added my primary and secondary backup card. Works wonders.

No option on my card

hey! can you please try and clear the Play Store cache and see if the “Update” button appears when you search for the curve app?

I could do but why would it when I’m on 2.45.1 already?

Just next time you do a purchase please (1) turn on your backup cards and (2) do the purchase with a funding card you believe that will have a decline. The easiest way to recreate a decline is to either block/freeze your selected funding card or use a FC without sufficient funds.Thanks!!

At the moment there is no limit specific to this, apart from the normal limits in place.

Just tested it, selected frozen Revolut in the app, the transaction went through to backup card #1, followed by GBiT to another credit card.
GPay sent out a normal notification, Curve gave me a nice notification that backup card was used and Revolut notified me about the decline.
(However I am afraid to unfreeze Revolut as their app tells me to unfreeze to complete the transaction.)

I think this is a fantastic feature. I think what would make this safe would be to also set a hard limit for any transaction made under this type of scenario.

For example, if I only have £5 and the payment is £50, then use my backup account. However if the transaction is over £50, then decline the transaction altogether.

wanted to test the cascading fallback, so i selected a balance-less card in wallet, a locked as first and reliable credit as second fallback.

PayPal-Payment failed after reaching slot 1

but it suceded with the slot 2 card moved up

Great feature! Easy to setup for me. Have yet to try it in action. Would be good to be able to set your own transaction limit where any declined transaction over X would be set to fail rather than transfer to one of the set cards.

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