Android app hardcoding to GBP

My app on Android 8 shows all transactions in the Curve cash wallet and the Insights feature in GBP by default. Why isn’t it set to the default currency of the card settings on the underlying currency of the cards used?
I am a curve blue user with Euro cards only but i want to see my curve cash and insights reflected in the currency that was spent based on the card used.
This is a bug from the perspective on non-UK users.


Same complaint. My default currency is euros.
I want to see the amount of the spend in the currency of the card, and in EUR.
If the currency of the card is EUR, I want to see the amount in EUR, period.

For me default currency is eur and everything in app seems to be in EUR, except Curve card limits are shown in gbp. A bit lame, but not critical. :jack_o_lantern:

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Curve card limits should have an option to select the currency. It’s shows in GBP where all my cards are in Euros