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Hi, is there a way to delete old support centre chat conversations in the app, or do they stay forever? Also, I can only complete one out of four goals (the first one), the other three won’t appear as checked. Why is that?


Hey @eXtremeDevil!

There’s no way to delete previous chats in the Curve app as maintaining a record of the messages sent between yourself and the support team can be extremely useful if an issue returns or if a similar issue is experienced with another user’s account as it saves time from additional troubleshooting.

It’s also helpful for our users to be able to return to chats once closed. Our support team work hard to excel in customer service and a big part of that is maintaining accountability!

OK, thanks, what about the goals?

I’ve just been checking this for you, can you please let me know which goals have failed to tick off for you? There’s been a minor bug with this checklist affecting some users in this way that hasn’t been prioritised as this is a purely cosmetic element of the app. It’s possible that this is a result of this minor bug but I’d like to check this for you. :grin:

Yes, only the first one is checked, the other three are not. I’ve activated the card, and I’ve paid at least once with it (not physically but through NFC on smartwatch).

The ones not checked yet are:

Spend online now!
Spend with your phone
Activate your physical Curve Card

I don’t know about the second and third option, but I’ve definitely activated my card. I’ve also used it (through NFC on smartwatch). Maybe it’s cosmetical but I thought something would happen once all were completed.

Hey again! This checklist is only designed to help users get to grips with how to use Curve and it sounds like you’ve already done this without issue!

I’ll flag this error to the product team to help to prevent it from happening in the future but this error shouldn’t affect your experience of spending with Curve. Sorry for the confusion caused!

Don’t worry, thanks for the info!

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