Android Bug report 2.59.0

Hello everyone! We’ve just released 2.59.0 to the Curve BETA Community and should be available for you to download shortly.

Change Log:

  • Bug fixes
  • Removed unused code
  • Improved app start-up
  • Updated curve cash modal

As usual, please report in this thread any issue you may encounter.


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I don’t have version 2.59.0 in the Playstore yet, but noticed something ‘odd’ in version 2.58.1.
On the Account tab under the Subscription heading I see two options with different names, but that are basically doing the same. It gives you the possibility to change your subscription plan. The only difference is that under the ‘Manage your plan’ option you can also see your current plan, where under the ‘Upgrade your plan’ option, at least for Black Legacy, you can’t see your current plan, but can only change your subscription plan.
I would expect that these two options would be merged into one.

Hey Paul, thanks for the feedback.

Version 2.59.0 should be now available, check in your Play Store (Side drawer → My apps & games).

About the “Manage your plan” / “Upgrade your plan” issue you’ve just reported, we’re working on making the plan management better and more intuitive by revamping it and they shouldn’t be enabled at the same time. I’ll inform the team responsible for this part so they can address it.

Thanks for spotting this :slight_smile:


When I first logged in to 2.59.0 all my cards looked like they hadn’t be used before (with the message re having successfully added the card). After refreshing a few times they finally started populating with previous transactions.

On the positive side the issue with the carousel randomly spinning when a card was selected as the active card seems to have been fixed. There’s still the problem when editing the sort order of cards you can move them by clicking anywhere on the row rather than just on the hamburgers on the right.

Hi ediflyer,
about your first point: that happens when the app is loading your funding cards and transaction history for the first time since install, it’s gonna be improved in future releases to have better messaging.

You’ll be happy to know I’ve fixed the issue you mentioned in your last point, items can now be rearranged using the handle rather than the entire row :slight_smile:

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I have v2.59.1 and find I have issues locking and unlocking the Curve Card.

The toggle or card graphic do not update when I choose the toggle - and I have to close and restart the app to see it’s updated status

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Not sure if this is a an app bug or an account bug, but I was using the live chat feature of the app and I had to go to another app for a second. When I went back, the entire Account tab was empty and I couldn’t continue my support chat.

I attach a screenshot. I also submitted a support ticket.

Continues in: Android Bug report 2.60.0