Android bug report 2.86.0


  • Improved error logging
  • Updated button styles.

This version is not available for me yet but I have 2.85.1 and I can confirm the same issue that @ediflyer reported earlier:

This still happens for me and it all started 2-3 versions back. The persistent login lasts for around 1 day, the very next day I’m prompted to enter everything again, really annoying. I’m on Android 8.

Edit: will try to completely uninstall and re-install and report it back. In the past I also had issues with the account tab not showing up and that was fixed uninstalling as well.

Still the same bug with cards:

  1. unable to update the expiry date/CVV of an existing card
  2. if you try to remove the currently active card you just get an error but it doesn’t tell you what the problem is (if you know then switch card and then remove it works fine)
  3. users may be unaware than when they re-add the same card number all the transaction history will re-appear - in general the process needs to be improved for updating cards

@nicb - not new bugs but any timescale for when these issues will be resolved? Although not high volume it will no doubt be driving yet further support emails…

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