Annual fee for Curve Black/Metal tiers

Hey there, couldn’t find an answer for this one here or in the app or in the legal documents. For Black & Metal tier we know there is an annual billing option as well, but no mention of the actual price.
So, for an EEA user Black is 10 €/month and Metal is 15 €/month. Would the annual price be monthly fee x 12 or is there a small discount. E.g. Black annual 100 €/year ?

As far as I know there is no annual billing option for Black, but for Metal it’s £/€150.

Curve Metal
The ultimate finance management solution offered for £/€ 14.99 per month (or £/€150 per year!).

Subscription Fee – €14.99 per month or €150 per year

Thx @poeliev. Was mainly interested in Curve Black, but from the links you provided there doesn’t seem to be an annual billing for it.

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