Another Incorrect Email Scam: Promising Cashback up to 4.6% with M&S, Argos and Wilko

So hardly “instant” then?!

The bizarre thing is it looks like it may depend on the merchant, I’ve had instant cashback on Wilko and M&S but only Waterstones wasn’t instant…wonder if it’s a fault within their systems.

Thanks for letting us know - it does seem that embarrassing them about the chronic state of support is the only way to get action from them. I’m still waiting.

The “instant” cashback does seem very hit and miss. I’ve made three purchases from M&S and only the middle one actually worked. The two purchases from “Marks & Spencer” didn’t work, but the “M&S Simply Food” one did. Go figure.

Did a shop at M and S food an hour ago. No cash back :frowning:

It may come in a few days or even hours but then this is not really “instant” is it?

Still no “instant cashback” for the M & S shop 24h ago.

Raised a support ticket.

Response from support as follows :

Thank you for your message.

"Please be advised that cashback for one of your selected retailers can take up to 72 hours to show within your Curve cash account. Sometimes transactions can be a little delayed or just process slower due to the merchant.

Please rest assured".

I did reply back saying therefore that the email received advising “Instant Cashback” was therefore confusing.

UPDATE 05.11.2022

Still no sign of my cashback from M and S on Tuesday and 72 hours have now elapsed. I have contacted support again.

Frustratingly seems to be another initiative launched by Curve to much fanfare yet which doesn’t seem to work properly.