Another investing Opportunity in Curve?


I have been using Curve for the last 3 years or so and am extremely satisfied with the Service and Product.

I have invested in Curve via crowdcube, and wanted to invest more. However, due to some technical glitch from Crowdcude, I was not able to participate in the additional round which was opened for 3 days, last week or so.
I have already expressed my interest via crowdcube, however, wanted to know if there is any additional investment opportunity coming through, or is there any other opportunity where i can directly invest in Curve?


Hey @nihirdas, welcome to the community! :relieved:

We can’t tell you if and when crowdfunding will be reopened.

Keep your eyes peeled here on the community and on social media. As soon as crowdfunding is reopened a news will be written.



Thanks for the information and also thanks @Mattia for the Warm Welcome :slight_smile:

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