Another useless Reward - 10% back at Esso

Issue: Reward will not apply at the majority of Esso stores, as the transaction will be named as the franchiser and not Esso

How to reproduce it: Make a purchase at an Esso petrol station in the UK


Device: N/A

App version: N/A


A significant proportion, potentially a majority, of Esso stores/petrol stations are owned by Motor Fuels Group (MFG). This means the transaction on your statement will appear more like MFG CityName, not Esso CityName, meaning it will not qualify for the reward.
This also affects a large number of other fuel retailers, including BP, Murco, Shell, Jet, Texaco, and many others.

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I have done two in the ESSO app, also on statements it shows ESSO but Curve never tracks it and they do nothing about it even after providing receipts


Oh interesting, your branches show as Esso? Mine usually are MFG, and I had the same issue when they did a Shell reward. They credited it eventually after about a month…

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Even with this and the receipts from the app and email, Curve never pays. Just pathetic.


Did they reject your request, or just ignore you?

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For the first transaction in April I keep getting automated emails once in a while that they are following up.
For that second one in September they went mute after I gave details

My offer was for one use, also a maximum of £7.50. Needless to say I am still waiting for it, but after messaging the offer disappeared from my active view so (hopefully) it is being processed.

If you are in the UK and a Nectar customer and register your card on the Esso app, you will get nectar points alongside the credit. I was also offered 5p off a litre for 300 nectar points (worth @£3.00 for my fill up) so a good way to spend the points.

Happened to me too. Paid with Curve via Esso app. Transaction appeared as “Ditton” and Curve is not paying the reward. Lost out £5.00 reward.

Edit: I complained a bit too early. The £5 reward turned up this morning. Thanks Curve.

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I had mine as well….thanks Curve!

Those of you that got paid - you got lucky.
I had 10% back from using the app in March. Didn’t track.
Still trying to get paid - latest excuse is that the transaction didn’t show as being from the app.