Anti-bot settings are too sensitive! Makes using the app annoying

Issue: The anti-bot settings are too sensitive and are impeding my normal user experience.

How to reproduce it: EIther add comments to several transactions, or use GBIT for several transactions - all in quick succession. You’ll notice that on the 10-20th transaction the app stops working (data stops loading/API stops) and you have to wait a few minutes for it to reset.

You’ll see a message saying “We were unable to check for additional info, please check your connection and try again”.

Problem is I often need to GBIT on loads of transactions as I had the wrong card selected for a couple of weeks etc. It’s really annoying that I keep hitting these enforced pauses etc.

If you can’t remove the anti-bot protections, at least allow us to do updates to multiple transactions at once.

OS: Android

Device: Pixel 6

App version: