Anti-Embarassment Mode transactions are showing as declined

Issue: Transactions that go to your anti-embarrassment backup card get the declined status after the transactions are settled.

How to reproduce it:

  • Do a transaction that triggers anti-embarrassment mode and charges your backup card.
  • Wait a few days till the transaction is no longer Pending (i.e settled) on your backup card.
  • Notice the transaction is marked as declined despite your backup card being charged.

OS: Android

Device: Asus ROG 2

App version: 2.94.1



Since these transactions are marked as declined, you can’t use the Go Back In time feature on them which is another problem.


I am pretty sure this happend to me also. Another problem this might cause is The cashback to not go trough


Same for me, I have many “Declined” transactions which actually completed properly but appear as such.

All of them went through Anti-Embarassment mode (god I hate this name so much).

It wouldn’t be an issue if not for the fact than now I can’t use GBIT on these transactions. Support said something about a presentation error but no fix seems to be scheduled…


Yup, it has been the case for a few months now and for each transaction I had to contact support to manually GBIT on it which is a pain. Specially now as it seems the support team are overwhelmed by tickets.

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Is anyone looking at this? It’s making using Curve quite annoying


The same thing happened to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Happens to me also since beginning of last week - I doubt it matters that this is iOS. I separately logged a support ticket.


Feedback from support:

We’re currently aware of a technical issue preventing a small group of our customers from using the Go Back in Time feature.

They will move the transactions manually for you though.

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We’ve seen this as well and reported it to support.

My issue with this is not that the bug is there, is not that you have to ask support to GBiT it (if that’s what you need), but that they just say that it’s a “display” issue.

To me it’s not a “display” issue if t affects other functionality. Not only does it stop GBiT, but all the totals etc. are wrong because it doesn’t include the transaction.

So it’s not just a “display” issue in that the transaction has the word “declined” under it, the entire of Curve’s system thinks that the transaction is declined and acts appropriately for that state.

Rant over :wink:


The customer service commented that this is a bug they are aware of and are trying to fix it. Nevertheless, I am not satisfied with their response because this has been going on for more than 6 months now during which I have been unable to use the go-back-on time feature whenever the anti-embarrassment feature kicked in. As a result, I have not been able to capitalise on the cashback benefits on the underlying card.

As this has been going for such a long time, I trust this will be fixed as a priority for these two features are the main reasons I signed up and invested in Curve, also that I believe they are disruptive to the fintech market.


I am also experiencing this same issue.
Transactions using anti-embarrassment mode show up as declined on the card they have successfully gone through on.
This is affecting me from being able to quickly pay of the anti-embarrassment card using ‘go back in time’.


I’m experiencing this bug since November on the Android app (gf has it too on iPhone)
this is really annoying and breaks one major feature of Curve completely.

It took me 4 weeks of back and forth with different support agentrs to even get any response regarding this.
Please fix this, Curve!

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I have been experiencing this since November myself and it is so frustrating!
Almost 3 months on and it is still broken. :person_shrugging: Why? :thinking:

Also broken on iOS (incl Beta). Back in Time also does not work for those transactions. Although support promised in December to “recharge” my other card, they never did and came up with some long winded story.

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Same issue for me on latest iOS beta…

Can’t contact support since I have a ticket open about another issue already… 6 days and counting…

I’m having the same problem, I’ve contacted customer support twice and they just tell me that it’s not their problem, that I’ll have to tell my bank.

Same here still (android), it is really annoying, i just turn off the anti-embarresmant for now