Anti-Embarrassment Mode issues


Is anyone else having issues with Anti-Embarrassment mode in the last few days? Have had 2 x transactions hard decline even though backup card with sufficient funds was set up?

Thanks as ever.

It works completly fine for me.

Maybe your underlaying card blocked the transaction?

If his underlying card would have blocked the transaction the anti-embarrassment mode would/should actually have kicked in and the transaction would/should have been put on one of the two back-up cards.
Assuming anti-embarrassment mode is working then, in the case the selected underlying card was blocking the transaction, the transaction would only have been (totally) rejected if all the cards (the selected underlying card and both back-up cards) would have blocked/rejected the transaction.

Not all declines can be ‘intercepted’ by the anti-embarrassment mode. Some are mentioned here:

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Query - how many times have you had a transaction fail one 1 card and go through anti-embarrassment mode in ‘the last few days’ (as the OP framed the issue)?

two times, one time it was my fault (selected wrong primary card) and the second time my bank declined the transaction, but my backup card worked fine.

I have just had anti-embarrassment mode fail to kick in while making a payment to Sky.
Chase declined the transaction due to insufficient funds but my two cards for anti-embarrassment were neither tried nor charged. I had to try again after changing underlying card.

How do you turn it on again and choose the backup card? I set it up ages ago but want to check and change the back up

Go to settings in the curve app. It is among the settings.

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Awesome, thanks

Anti-Embarrassment mode stopped working on my side. Does anybody have any issue with that?

Hello @Oliverda,

i just checked it.
Anti-Embarrassment works perfectly fine without any issues.

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Thanks for checking it out. I’ve just tried again and it’s working now. :man_shrugging:t2:

It works, but I also had the case once, it was written « abandonned debit » I got instant refund on Apple Pay, Curve charged my Plutus card (which I got enough balance) and anti embrassement was not activated. So I had to pay manually with my other card.

I had a similar one on the weekend, so it’s pretty unreliable nowadays.

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Weird thing is that I had enough money on both card. Maybe it was a problem with Apple Pay

Didn’t work for me yesterday. Once I manually switched the active card to the same as the backup card it worked.


I just realized it’s probably because I set a different currency for the other card. I guess anti embarrassment doesn’t work because of the same reasons GBIT doesn’t

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Has it worked for anyone lately?


Anti-embarrassment lode has failed to kick in today