Anti-Embarrassment mode option missing in app settings

Anti- Embarrassment mode.
Good evening everyone, I wanted to activate this option but I didn’t find it on the app. I have IPhone 6Plus.
Thanks :pray:

You need to go to ‘My account’ (the icon on the bottom left), then ‘Settings’ (top right), and there you will find it.

I don’t have this option

How many underlying cards do you have in your Curve wallet?

I have three

Can you double-check if the app is updated?

If it is, you will need to drop a mail to support ( so they can check your account.

I checked and the app is updated.
Ok I’ll contact the support
Thanks for your time :blush:

Why did you ask ?

@cinzietta I had the same issue, ended up being related to the Beta App since I’m part of the Beta Tester group. I deleted it and installed the latest one from the App Store, and the feature appeared.

I discovered Curve a few weeks ago. I also tried to uninstalled the app but it didn’t work. I don’t know what else I can do. Tomorrow I’ll contact the support

Let us know how that goes - I hope its resolved soon!

@jayeshr I have contacted support and I am waiting for them to answer me