Anti-Embarrassment Mode

Just a pointer. Curve Black member with two cards set in Anti-Embarrassement mode. Went to use Curve and it was refused and didn’t default to either of those set in mode. Fortunately had the original card so used it without any problems. Luckily I don’t embarrasse easily!
Incidentally, used Curve the following day, set to the same card and it worked fine.

You may wish to check the functionality of Anti-Embarrassement mode because it certainly didn’t work for me on this occasion.

Sounds like Curve was declined for some reason. This for most users is likely to be more common than them consciously trying to pay with a card they know not to have sufficient funds.

As you say, it’s really not embarrassing unless
you make it. Just ask the cashier ‘do you want me to try a different card?’ They’ll say yes and you both move on with your day. Nobody involved needs to know if it was your lack of funds, their card machine’s internet connection or your bank / card network having a bad day.

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Hi, you make it sound to simple, if you read another topic you will see it happens too often.
It did happens to me too. I did split my shoppings and with both the backup cards it did work. So it looks to me a Curve issue.

It would be great if Curve has a log that show us what got wrong; like balance, timeout e.t.c.
Also I like to know if Curve can prepare for a second attemp, after a check/respond waiting timeout, that could be used to try again and then get accepted?