Any banks recent flagging up Curve transactions as potential fraud?

In the last week I’ve had multiple automatic blocks on my credit card when I tried putting it through Curve and the bank has subsequently flagged as fraudulent. (My card has not been compromised).

The bank has also accused the fault is mine as the transaction being put through is showing up as an internet transaction (which technically is what happens as it is charged by Curve) whilst I was attempting at a physical store and they got annoyed with this.

To be fair it is none of their business how my transactions are being charged through, given their legacy systems are so bad it doesn’t allow me to query pending transactions or having push notifications when a transaction is placed - I won’t name the bank but lets just say it is a four letter acronym

In the last two weeks I’ve had my bank block my card as they thought it was fraudulent transactions. Contactless for £5 first time, contactless for £9.99 second time. Thankfully I’m using my Monzo card as underlying payment so once I defrosted my automatically frozen card, I could try a second time and the transaction worked.

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@binky @curve_user which bank do you guys use? Usually, you should be able to tell your bank to allow the transactions from now on and you shouldn’t have a problem. If this problem does persist though, message in-app chat.

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The “Monzo” I mentioned in my message is the name of my bank. They have only flagged a couple of transactions as possible fraud and when they do, I can just go into their app and unfreeze my card, so a minor inconvenience really.

My credit card in Portugal is also refusing transactions with Curve

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Which bank? Millenium BCP called someone I know after refusing a payment and it was as easy as telling them that it was not fraud, to allow curve payment in the future. Universo also at one time blocked Curve after using go back in time for a lot of transactions at once and they unlocked it after a call.

It’s extremely unlikely that a Portuguese bank would want to block you from using Curve. They just want to prevent legitimate fraud and even then you really have to do a lot for them to notice

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Caixa geral de depósitos
I just stopped using that card

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I use with both a credit as well as a debit card from CGD, never had an issue


Both my cards at virgin money had same issue after doing a transaction with curves card had to block cancel and replace both cards not good when others are having same issues

My KBC Ireland debit MasterCard card had issues too plenty in same day and they had to add extra security measures on to the card to guarantee the card payments don’t get declined

Think this is related to new security rules over online payments and tightening up of rules all over Europe which means curve card might see more declines in future cause banks limit online transactions without themselves doing the extra confirmation with you which can’t happen with curve card

@Curve_Marie is this flagging off curve transactions as fraud at banks due to the way curve transactions are processed at banks classed as online transactions and that being a protetial risk with card being compromised at the bank every time you make a transaction using curve is concerning.

Virgin money told me policy to cancel and replace cards automatically and they say MasterCard are behind the issue flagging the card as fraud used when you use it with curve

Can there be a fix to this cause I’m seeing major problems with many banks using curve since September 2019 when new EU laws supposed to become law across Europe and the UK

Thank you for creating this topic and bringing it to our attention! We will start looking into it right away to see how we can go about it. :mag:

To help us find out what exactly is going on, could you please send us an email at It would be a great help if you can tell us the BIN of the card that you tried to add and reference any transactions that were rejected (amount and retailer).

Let’s use the code word “Community Investigation” so we can easily find your messages :smile:


I did legitimate transaction with one of my virgin money cards following that a text saying card compromised and will be cancelled I did another transaction with curve on my other virgin money card and the same happened.

I had issues with my KBC bank Ireland card but the person on the phone with KBC actually put security level on my KBC card to Provent it happening and told me as it’s an online transaction I’m supposed to use the banks two factor authorisation by text message or on an app all provided by KBC bank Ireland but as it’s curve that doesn’t happened so the transaction can get flagged as fraud now due to the rules and this needs to be addressed.

My permanent tsb debit cards only allow one transaction with curve then they temporarily block curve transactions for a period of time then I can use it again but not straight away

Curve transaction should not be classed as online transactions

I’ve raised this with support as I ended up phoning up and saying what happens.

As the rules are now law in most European countries right away this will cause major problems using curve in future unless curve change transactions from online to another classification of point of sale transaction so banks think they ain’t fraud

To personally see same kind of issues at multiple banks only since September when new banking laws we’re supposed to be implemented is worrying

Curve transactions are all online and when you use bank card directly they aren’t unless you go online to make a transaction this is why curve transactions get refused flagged as fraud

To resolve this curve transactions should never be classed as online computer based internet transactions

Don’t see MasterCard being an issue as I haven’t had any problem with my MasterCard underlying cards. It just seems that virgin is a pretty crappy bank with nonsensical policies tbh

If you have issues once, any reasonable bank will whitelist curve so that you never face any issues ever again

You shouldn’t need to take ages trying to convince your bank curve isn’t fraud And online transactions need two factor authentication at the bank paying the transaction and using curve this can’t be done by the paying bank when the new laws say they must for 99% of online transactions so using curve goes against that as curve class every transaction as online

I’ve had a bank specialist tell me that new rules should prevent you doing card payments through curve as curve class them online and they have to do lots of work on your card to prevent declines in the future cause you are supposed to use banks two step confirmation service the law requires whilst it not impossible to deal with it’s not supposed to go against the law

No, you shouldn’t bank with crappy banks. I don’t see how that’s Curve’s fault

No. If that was true, PayPal would have the exact same problem.

Thats not much of a specialist…

Tbh, while curve can try to mitigate issues, your problem seems to be with your bank(s) feeding you snake oil to try to justify their crappy systems and poorly implemented strong customer authentication requirements

There’s no such thing as “online” transactions. There’s card present and card not present (CNP) transactions, which are usually, but not always, online transactions. Given that when you pay with curve, the underlying card is not present, Curve as no choice but to flag them as CNP

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I await what curve come back with on this issue before judging

@Curve_Marie any updates

Check if in your bank dashboard you can enable online purchase module for your card, till is disabled, it will not work, at least for me.

I’ve just started having issues trying to pay my AMEX card off via Curve. Never had issues before tried 3 different cards via Curve and all failed to make payment on AMEX default card payment maker.

Anyone else had this decline / I hope this doesn’t try to charge my card still…

Update: turns out was due to the curve intermittent issues of declines at the moment…

Just did another try and worked.