Any Curve cards without the 16 digits on I can get?

Wanted a card for a while now without the 16 digits.

When travelling different countries seem to have different customs and value to the way they do things.

For example a young friendly looking female cashier in a restaurant struggling to make the payment will hold the card in her hand and start typing something into the computer.

Or a similar situation where she’d walk off into the back office to go find her boss for help because they have never seen an international card before, but with my card in her hand.

I once joined a gym in Vietnam and had two staff members at the gym helping me sign up, they asked what type of card I had to make payment so I showed them the card, then put the card down in front of me on the table while we discussed the membership, when one of them stood up and picked my card up and took it over to reception, at which point I am asking the other staff where has he just gone with my card.

My point is, we have smartphones most of which have banking apps that allow us to view the 16 digits that have heavy security before anybody can unlock the phone and open the app.

We pay by chip n pin, mastercard, or via Apple Pay on our phones.

I would love to see debit cards without flashing all of our digits on that contain the keys to the entire balance of our bank account written on the side.

It should at least be a choice as I know some people who don’t travel or enjoy the convenience of the 16 digits on the cards.

But I’d like to see fintech banks lead the way in this, it could be a massive USP for Curve, not just on the Investor card but as part of their core product


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