Any Foreign Fees?

Was with you in the UK from launch (Metal and free tumi wallet days lol) till I moved to the US now with you again here. Just wondering if the US is doing the fee free travel offer the UK is doing?

The US card has No Foreign Transaction Fees by default.


It’s great to have you back with us @RobUKBear! How are you finding the US Curve card and app so far compared to the UK/EEA version?


It’s great! It reminds me of the early days in the UK, I’m sure the little things like declines and AMEX drama will be resolved soon. Once there is a good base of users growth and paid for features like metal card and benefit options will be cost effective. I’m loving being back to Just carrying one card plus back up.
Going through a similar growth with Monzo US - was a beta user in UK been working for them as Customer Support Specialist helping them grow here in the US since last August.