Any updates on transfer curve cash to credit card?

Hi, does anyone have any updates?



Just select the curve cash card, and then use it to pay an amount to your card…?

Example; if you had £5 cash, make a payment of £5 whilst the cash card is selected

I have gotten a refund of bigger numbers and want to transfer the whole amount back to the credit card. I have heard that there is supposed to start a new feature for this kind of transaction. Correct?

No. It was a feature, but people moaned.

Using the way I explained above will work!

Yes, you are correct :point_down:t2:

But the above post is from the 6th of August…

So, anyone in the forum who have any more recent news?

Contact Curve support and ask :point_down:t2: might also be an option for you?

We’re working on making this possible very soon, and will update you as soon as it is. If the money is still sitting in your Curve cash balance, you can use it to top up your prepaid cards or PayPal

Any updates on transferring from curve cash back to credit card?

curve Cash should be available in other currencies PLN EUR USD…

Yes, that would be very nice to have Curve Cash in Curve card’s national currency (based on Curve card’s BIN). :hugs:

What do u mean moan it will be great to have it

Any news curve?