Anyone been able to call Curve customer services?

Hi… has anybody been able to call curve to speak with customer services? My black curve card is attempting to making transactions on my bank account over 15 times… same transaction that took place last year!! so far I have had no response from emails, chats etc…

its getting to the point that I am going to have to cancel my card :frowning:

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Yeah I’ve been here for a while and also am an investor, and haven’t ever seen there be a phone number. If you type in something like “emergency” in the chat (hopefully someone corrects me, what the actual word was) and that should trigger a faster response. I believe, however I maybe wrong.
But definitely freeze your card in the app so you no the card automatically shows up as blocked, possibly order a new one?

thanks… still nothing from Curve Customer Services… my card has been blocked for a week now and the transactions keep coming… I’ve now withdrawn all money from my bank card so the transaction get declined… but now have had to open another bank account… I’m not convinced that its a curve issue but the lack of support is will only drive customers away from them… :frowning: