Anyone else less than enthused about the changes to a subscription model?

As soon as possible! :smiley:

If you’ve been with us for 8 weeks you can contact Customer Support about your limits. Higher limits has also been suggested :slight_smile:

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So I have seen the offer for Curve Metal via an email today. I was an early adopter and on the Amex Beta list, so don’t know if it is general knowledge yet, but the fee is not just for the card, but for a range of other benefits (travel insurance, car hire cdw waiver insurance, lounge access, fee free use of Amex, cash back, buyer protection…) which I think make it compelling. All that and Curve current features too.

What’s not to like?


Well lots of us already have all those items on existing cards or insurance policies so would be paying twice! Glad it works for you though.

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Well, it has to make sense for someone, I guess.

The cashback is the same as it is currently and when it comes to amex, amex pulled out of my country December 31st as amex got out of the vast majority of Europe and severely downscaled on the few remaining countries, so curious focus now from curve, the lounge access is just a discount, ATM withdrawals are still limited while all my totally fee free Portuguese cards have no limits or fees (there’s no concept of ATM fees, much less limits) which leaves only the insurance package from Axa, which I checked yesterday with them and the exact same coverage they would sell me for 3.50 Euros a month.

Not to mention at least 3 of my fee free credit cards already offer similar insurance coverage + 1 to 5% cashback depending on the card

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I am unimpressed - stick to the core principles of the product, all your cards in one and charge a OneOff fee for the metal card with a discount for Black card members. Like many start ups Curve are being distracted from their core proposition…


I understand the move to subscription fees, Curve need a sustainable model, and subscriptions and credit seems like the best ones.

But the value is a bit low, as many have argued.

From a Nordic perspective, i would never travel with only a UK based travel insurance. The TCs and coverage are usually a lot less consumer friendly than what I’m used to. I like Revolut delay departure insurance, since this is fairly understandable and also adds to my year-round insurance. CDW with few caveats is also good to have in a card, but the devil is in the TCs.

LoungeKey is nice, especially with a good discount, but often already included in underlying cards.

The ForEx /ATM (fair usage) limits are still to low for this to be a premium product, as is the spend limits. Amex is good, but without time travel it becomes complicated.

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I’m a critic of their new monthly fees, not due to the fees themselves as a concept, but because of the lack of value they present.

When it comes to amex, their focus on it happens at the exact same time amex got out of most European markets and severely downsized on the remaining ones, ending all partnerships with banks.

As for the insurances and loungekey access, the vast majority of people will already have it from their underlying cards, with the issue being that curve only works with underlying cards, it’s not like revolut, etc who want to be your only bank.

It would have probably been a better strategy to have benefits that would add to what your underlying cards offer and not duplicate it, like cashback and other more creative stuff like card to card transfers


I agree with you, I have no problem with the subscription for those that want it. The only issue I have with it is that the subscription takes away features from people who have already paid. I should have the option to stay on the Curve Black I am now and have been on for a while now.

But instead I’m forced to pay £9.99 for insurance I don’t want from Curve in order to keep the benefits I already had.

A simple remedy to this would be to allow currently ‘Black’ users to stay on their current model and if we want upgrade for the insurance benefits allow us to, with the free months. But instead they’re forcing us to pay the subscription or downgrade, when we were sold the Curve Black an being a ‘one-time’ fee for the benefits.


Are current black users (like me) being forced to start paying? I didn’t know that. Where did you read it?

I can’t access it. It seems it’s not public knowledge yet, nonetheless it’s a pretty crappy thing to do. Usually with this kind of stuff you get grandfathered in with your current plan, especially when you paid £50 with the promise of being a one off fee. There’s people right now getting black cards and paying £50

So, just to be clear, existing users, whether basic or black card users, will continue to be subscription-free?

My understanding is no, we won’t be able to stay subscription free.

I’m getting flagged for quoting the post for whatever reason. But I was only giving people info Curve have provided.

You are currently participating in the Closed Amex Beta Programme and sharing information from the closed group. We appreciate that you would like to inform fellow community members, however, sharing information from the closed group and without the full context is not helpful.

You will receive all the information and full context we have when we launch. It will still be possible to combine all your cards into one for free.

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In other words there’s a 6 month trial period of the new black and then you either start paying or downgrade to blue

I do believe I gave full context to the post. But I understand the closed section and the rules so apologies for doing that. But I do think you should be more black and white with what is happen with people’s cards with reference to payments.

I think I know the exact line I shouldn’t have posted. Can I repost the quote without that line specifically?

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Ah. I’ve not seen this anywhere on the website, though may have missed it. Please do point me towards the reference.

@Curve_Marie - I take @dan_baker’s point. Notwithstanding his unfortunate beta thread breach (we all make mistakes), it should be easier to find information around the proposed subscription model. If it’s there I’m missing it. What’s the plan, please?

Ps I’m not an Amex user

In a nutshell…

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Thanks for understanding, nothing malicious was intended. I was only trying to inform others. But I do understand @Curve_Marie’s’ point about sometimes it not being helpful. But I assure you, I was only trying to be that.


We are testing both features and communication with the closed group right now. We absolutely love the enthusiasm and we are noting down all your concerns and comments. You will have all the information available for when we launch.

There’s quite a lot of speculations right now, which is why we want things to be crystal and are awaiting answering questions before the product release.

Unfortunately I cannot point you to it but from a previous “leak” from beta users I was able to download the PDF of the new terms not yet available to the general public. No point in providing screenshots as it would get removed