Anyone else less than enthused about the changes to a subscription model?

Oh, ok. I hadn’t grasped that all info around the subscription thing was subject to beta information restriction. But then I wouldn’t, would I? :grin:

Just have to wait and see…

You will, but the communication, as well as the product, needs to be ready and we are working around the clock to get there :+1:

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People asking for more and more informations and can’t hold their horses. Understandable, you want to know the newest news but keep in mind thats not public knowledge yet! Beta means beta, meaning changes can always be done. Any discussion whether its good or bad in the public for ALL members doesn’t make sense since it is not decided yet for all members.
So with any product there is in the world, I’d advise to just be patient and wait. Curve and especially @Curve_Marie will share any news they have right the seconds they have decided on what the plan is for the public. Any asking abouto: when is AmEx coming for all, how does it work for Metal, … won’t help, it only takes time from the Curve team to respond to those questions instead of working on the new features.

Anything that is public and set in stone as of now is:


But thats the definition of a closed beta :wink:
Any company does that, look at updates for software. You don’t just release it to everyone at the same time, you roll it out in stages to fix any bugs users receive while upgrade.

Asking what the news are regarding AmEx + Metal is the same as asking your phone manufacturor in their online forum over and over again when the new OS update is coming out. Asking about doesn’t help, it only takes more time than as it will take away ressources from the company. Its also not like a company spokesperson will announce something in a forum when its not public yet.
AFAIK a community is there to discuss features, bugs, ideas,… but not to ask a company over and over again about ETAs.
Its a panel to discuss and exchange ideas.

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I agree with this, which is why it would be useful for Curve to share that information with the full context instead of keeping it in a secret group.

Probably because speculation spreads easily when there’s no non-speculative information to correct it.


There’s a balance to how much we can share. Although we would like to tell you everyone as it unfolds, things change, features evolves, deadlines are pushed. Our Product Roadmap shows the highlights and broad timeframes so you’ll see what’s happening next while leaving room for development.

We created the Closed Beta Programme to test and develop the product and communication for the launch. They did not start out testing a finished product and we are still working on finalising it. We’ve learned a lot and there were even new projects that started as a result of the feedback we received.

We will share an update for the whole community that will provide the full context and information as soon as it’s ready.

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I genuinely feel if you now tell black card holders they have to pay for something they already paid for in good faith you’re likely to lose customers and certainly lose the good image you’ve spent time building.


I think the issue seems to be one of miscommunication/understanding of what the “Amex Beta Test Group” is.

In my eyes (and it would appear, most other people outside of the group), those closed threads are solely to do with the Amex beta (understandably so given the name of the group).

To the rest of the community, it’s now looking like private discussions are happening behind closed doors for some members (which affect the entire curve product line up/feature set), whilst other members are left in the dark - Despite seemingly being on a level playing field i.e - Nothing to do with Amex, and therefore, fair game,

If the closed group is actually a Beta test group for the entire Curve app, I’d suggest changing the name to eliminate any future misunderstanding and hard feeling (change the name from Amex Beta, to simply “Beta”).

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Considering there’s already a live page with everything clearly finalized we aren’t on the realm of speculation anymore

How existing Black users will be moved over, however, is certainly open to speculation

Curve already informed beta testers (I’m not a beta tester and got the info from public forums) that current black users will have a 6 month trial of the new black and then have to start paying or downgrade to blue

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Wow, that’s not going to go down well!
Benefits for life versus monthly subscription…

Not surprised Curve wants to keep that within the Beta group


Yeah, curve heavily advertised it being a one time fee. Making people pay or downgrade when were just talking about slightly higher credit card ATM limits and fx limits just seems like a silly move that will angry a lot of people


I agree that constantly asking for ETA is not helpful to any new product’s launch. However, voicing concerns through the community is in my opinion the very sole purpose of a community. We have been told that new subscription cards (public info) are coming out and everyone is voicing concerns on how we DO NOT WISH to be enrolled on them by force. And now moderators are asking us to not discuss about our concerns until the product is released?

To me, this is like saying. lets not discuss about what you think Brexit damage is, and lets wait till after brexit happens, then you tell me what you dont like about brexit. By then, it will be too late for any of the existing customers to voice any concerns.

I’m new to the forum and just recently subscribed for a black card. Which was suppose to be a one time expense, which now feels like will turn into a constant liability. Would be nice if there is a poll somewhere where we could all vote.


Yes, this is important stuff and prime territory for a discussion forum to engage with. It really is naïve to expect the forum to suppress it’s debate.

And if there has been mission-creep within the beta programme such that wide subscription-related options are being discussed by a sub-group on our behalf, then that’ll surely not go down well amongst the majority.

Serious stuff, @Curve_Marie, telling your customer base to keep quiet until you’ve something to tell us won’t wash.


Thank you for pointing that out, that’s a really good point. The name has been updated.

That’s not true. The discussion here is welcomed and directly impacts what we need to make clear before the launch. These are all valid concerns that will be addressed. The outgoing information/communication is being created right now, if you want the full context and information you will receive it once we finalise it. (cc @Graham)

Update: Part of the information that needs to be finalised are the Terms and Conditions.


The main bit of feedback from the community is that many of us aren’t overly happy with the removal of features. Many of us paid for the features because those features were and are important to us.

But the feeling of being forced into paying the subscription fee to keep the features isn’t going down well on here and on other forums discussing Curve.

I do truly believe the insurance aspect is well worth the price you’re asking for Curve Black, but I don’t wish to pay for insurance I don’t want/need.

I think allowing current Curve Black users to stay exactly where we are with the option of paying the subscription with the free months, upgrading to metal, downgrading to blue or in extreme cases closes our accounts would make a lot of people feel valued as long time customers.

As I’m writing this you’ve posted this. I still think my post is relevant, but I hope this change is what a lot of us are looking for. Look forward to further communication from the Curve team.


Hi Dan, thank you for your concerns, which I think are shared with some others in this thread. I wanted to write a few lines to try to clarify what will happen soon:

The Curve Black card which will be launched soon will be a completely new and revamped proposition. We are adding travel insurance, gadget insurance and Amex functionality which will be better than Blue’s functionality (you’ll see the details soon) to it. All of these features are not available with your current Curve Black.

Of course you’ll also enjoy all of the benefits you get currently including fee-free currency conversion, Go Back in Time, instant notifications and all the other features you love about Curve.

As a current Curve Black customer we know you have been quite engaged with the brand and are concerned about the potential loss of value moving forward. That’s why we are giving you and all current Curve Black customers a unique and exclusive offer: six months of the new Curve Black for free, or a significant discount when upgrading to Curve Metal. If after the six months’ grace period, you decide the new offering is not for you, you can definitely downgrade to Curve Blue with no issue at any time. The new Curve Black subscription model has no monthly commitment.

I hope this helps to clarify what will happen. We are open to hearing your thoughts and ways to keep making Curve better.

(cc @diego_curve)

Edit: replaced “superb” for “unique”


Thanks for the clarification, @Curve_Alejandro - are you able to confirm for beta users whether the start of the six month clock for this grace period will run from time of public launch (preferred) or from time of upgrade to latest version of the app (not preferred!). Not a leading question at all… :wink:

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And @diego_curve exactly what the discount is, how to get it and when we can get it.