Anyone else less than enthused about the changes to a subscription model?

At least in Germany you get the AmEx Gold for free when you spend more than 10k€ / year on the card. You just need to call before the next annaul fee hits your statement and they will waive it.
The AmEx plat fee of 600€ won’t be waived thou, no matter how many k€ you put on the card.

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The difference with Curve is that in general, they don’t make money from each transaction. If anything, they would lose money on the vast majority of transactions. Sure, they get a little bit in interchange fees (max 0.2% in Europe), but then they have to pay fees for charging it to the underlying card. So if you charge to a credit card, they’re getting 0.2%, and paying at least 0.3% (that 0.3% is only interchange, not including acquirer, network fees etc). They might make a profit on transactions with the commercial cards, but even that would be absolutely tiny.

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That would mean their business modell isn’t working in the first place.
The more new clients they get, and the higher the number of transactions gets that those clients make, the higher the need is for even more clients to join --> Ponzi scheme.

Also, that would mean that curve blue would also be blood sucking tier that makes them lose money. I’m sure they either breakeven or make minimal profits? If the business plan didnt work from the start, then yes, does sound like a ponzi scheme.

Wonder how the presentation to investors went.
(Yes. the curve blue would lose your money, but we believe the curve black £50 membership fees plus commercial card arbitrage earnings will more than make up for it)

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That’s true of most freemium services (eg. Dropbox) - there’s a free tier that costs money to run and attracts customers, but they hope that enough customers upgrade to a premium version to offset the cost.

Very few startups make a profit (or even a unit profit) initially. Personally, I’m glad that they’re going for a subscription model vs spamming users with ads, but I just wish the subscription actually provided some value :wink:


True, the max they would only receive on consumer cards is very low and WireCard is going to charge them more than just the interbank fee, since WireCard also wants to make money. Usually Wirecard starts at around 2.8% for accepting cards as merchant if you’re under 1million€ / year. So lets assume Curve has a very good deal with WireCard and they would only have to pay 1.0% (I think the lowest you can actually go without having your own license is 0.5% which is what Expedia Group gets), Curve would pay 1% on all transaction and only receive 0.2% for consumer cards?
Meaning they lose at least 0.8% with each transaction for Curce consumer cards and underlying consumer cards?
Even higher loss if underlying card is commercial card then!

If that is the case thats the reason why the limits are so low, cause Curve has to pay for every transaction we make! But that wouldn’t sound sustainable at all, no matter how high the monthly fees are.


You have made excellent points, and we’ve listened.


Looks like they listened to us…

We listened, and we want you to know that this option will now be available to you.

Great! What are my choices?

  • Without doing anything, you will still have 6 months to trial the new benefits of Curve Black. We are convinced that you will love them!
  • If you are still not convinced after the 6 months’ trial, you will be able to keep your current “original” Black tier with its benefit of unlimited fee-free foreign exchange, without paying any monthly subscriptions. Please note that the Curve “original” Black tier will not have any Amex free top-up allowance or insurance benefits, as these are only being launched as part of the new Curve Black benefits. This tier will not be available to new Curve customers.
  • For a limited period of time, you will also still have the choice of upgrading to Curve Metal and get 4 months for free, after you pay the first instalment. (To get this discount, upgrade to Curve Metal in your app now). Please note: after the upgrade to Curve Metal, you will not be able to revert to the “original” Black tier benefits.

While I’m very happy Curve has listened, and completely understand the fee with Amex support. It’s a shame we can’t try Metal and downgrade.

But glad they listened and we can be ‘grandfathered’ in on our current tier.

Maybe as a workaround your partner or a friend could order a Metal card, try it out and you see if you like what they are saying about it? :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that Curve has listened to the community. However, can we still sign up for the old black and be grandfathered into the plan?

“This option will not be available for customers registering for the new Curve Black after subscriptions is launched
So sign up for the 50GBP before subscriptions is publicly launched

How about the moderators celebrate the decision today and close this topic - it’s job done !!

Other more pertinent items to discuss now, I reckon :grin:
@curve_tobias @Curve_Marie @Curve_Alejandro


I’ll leave that decision to @Curve_Marie :slight_smile:

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I admit to being a little confused at the moment, probably due to not being as active on here since it started to which I apologise. The subscription model I find outdated, as many of us have the benefits already through existing cards or banks. I feel the lure of ‘metal’ will pull some people but maybe a ‘metal lite’ tier with an annual fee and some kind of benefit not so frequently found on existing bank accounts would have been worthwhile. I pay £27 a month to Lloyd’s already so £15 to Curve is a waste. £50 per annum for a tier that included a Metal card would be appealing to me though.

Not a rant as I love Curve


I am also confused but my own thread on trying to solve the confusion has just been shut without an answer.

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I feel they have tried to change too many things at once. They had a limited AMEX beta which some people say was an Amex/Metal beta. They were after beta testers up until a few days ago and yet out of the blue it all goes live yesterday and we find ourselves enrolled in a new tier without warning (I know we can stay on legacy black if we chose). It all seems a bit rushed when they could have warned us in advance.

Bit off topic but flipping heck, which Lloyds account is £27 a month? I thought their platinum account was £18 or so. What else do you get for £27?

It’s their Premier A/C. It’s not available anymore but I get travel insurance including business cover, full AA breakdown, home emergency (needed once and it saved me a fortune), mobile phone cover for 3 phones, identity theft cover, card loss assistance and fee free £500 overdraft. I think that’s about it, it’s worth the money for me as I added my mum to my account so she shares all the benefits. Travel insurance is pretty good and I pay £10 a year for zero excess which covers 6 of us.