Anyone have any trouble getting Amex rewards?

Hi all. I switched to the beta app on Friday, and decided to upgrade just to give it a go. I then topped up an Amex wallet. My Amex card has given me points for the subscription fee transaction, but not for the wallet top-up. Both transactions are shown as completed (not pending) in my amex app.

Has anybody else had any trouble receiving points for their Curve topups?

Nope, never had that issue before - I’d give it another 24h or so and check again, agree seems a bit funny points showing for one transaction and not other but maybe they’re under a difference category and take slightly longer to process?

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Have Amex Gold and haven’t seen my points yet as trying to hit bonus . It’s been about 5 days and points are meant to be updated daily.

AmEx is quite funny when it comes to earning points.
In the german pdf version of their t&c for Platinum cards, which is 62pages long btw, they state they can chose to stop issueing points for any transaction at any time.
AFAIK they only applied this rule when making PayPal Germany payments to other users via “sending money to friends” which is free and which allows paying by AmEx.
Reason for this is that AmEx says sending money, or “uploading” money to any service is considered not a purchase but rather a money transfer which is not points earning.

So keep that in mind that AmEx can decide at any point to not offer points / MR for any transaction whatsoever and unfortunately there is nothing the merchant can do about it to change AmEx decision nor can the AmEx user do anything.

True, but given that Curve had to implement this silly wallet because Amex weren’t happy with the previous version, surely Curve wouldn’t have bothered without some assurance from Amex that rewards points would be awarded.

I’ll give it a couple more days and see :slight_smile:

Agree - I suspect it’s more just a slightly delay in points being applied. If they hadn’t agreed with Amex in advance that top-ups would count towards spend targets for sign-up bonuses and for regular points then there’d be no point in using Amex via Curve :slight_smile:

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True, in a world based on logic. But when it comes to AmEx (at least AmEx Germany) I can say from personal experience and by thousand of users complaing to AmEx for their platinum card sign up bonus I can say, AmEx is not running on logic :smiley:

But I agree with you of course, it wouldn’t make sense to put so many man-hour into developing a new AmEx wallet when AmEx in the end will pull out again.

I’m quite new to Amex

How do check if I received points for an individual transaction?

On a PC: Log onto your dashboard at At the right you’ll see “Cashback earned” with a green button “View earned cashback”. Click that button.

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Thanks. But unfortunately I don’t seem to have a “cashback earned” or “view earned cashback” button on that page. I’ve now figured out I can get to my points history here - - and clicking “Your points account”.

I guess not everyone has a cashback card… Apologies, should’ve thought of that…

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You can click on Chat on their website when logged in and ask and they let you know. They told me 3-5 days but just told me reversed ones not the ones I wanted to know. So will check in a few days and then query with them.

From the sounds of the Amex Beta testers, doesnt seem like they have that issue before.

Since posting I think I’ve received them tonight so I assume it works. Just a bit slow.

Yep that’s more what I’d expect.

@podgib have you received your points now too?

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Yep, they’ve shown up, and in fact they now appear on my points statement before the subscription fee :wink:

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Excellent, glad to hear it!

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Confirmation points credited OK.