Anyone travelling in South America and having issues with debit mastercards?

The last 4 days I have been having issues with both the curve and starling debit mastercards everywhere.

All POS machines are saying invalid!
Luckily my aquacard credit card is working.

Maybe an issue with the debit MasterCard platform for international payments?

Is anyone else around these neck of the woods having similar issues paying with a debit Mastercard from the UK?


When I was in Portugal a couple of weeks ago both my Starling debit and B Credit Card (Both MasterCard’s) were declined on a POS machine.

I reported it to Starling, but never received any feedback as to why it happened.

After that I just withdrew money, but using it in other stores worked perfectly. Maybe it’s to do with a specific machine?

Not sure - was very odd

2 large restaurants and the petrol station where we always fill up. Never had an issue before and no transactions reached Curve or Starling. POS seemed to just reject it. Wasn’t just 1 place.

The same happened to my wife yesterday when she went to the main shopping mall and cinema also.
Luckily she had her Aqua also. Got to go well prepared with backups.

Hopefully, they’ll start working again soon.
Will try the monzo in the next day or 2!
Revolut worked online last night ordering takeaway food
(but that’s a prepaid visa - very different BIN)

Did you see a transaction declined on the app? Nothing even reached mine

Nope didn’t even get a declined on the app which made it even more bizarre. I contacted Starling and they said they would feed it back to MasterCard but I’ve heard nothing since.

I’ve literally just messaged them to see if there’s any update.

Wrote to curve today to see if they can investigate with mastercard.
Tried my monzo at the supermarket for £172 tonight and the same result. Invalid transaction code 12!

Maybe an issue with an intermediate bank that does the international transaction as nothing arrived at my monzo app. Very frustrating

A transaction code 12 is so vague aswell, there can be many reasons for it so it doesn’t even narrow down the issue.

Yep so true. Bit like a windows error code. Looked it up and gave no details whatsoever.

Could be an intermediate banking glitch I guess within international transactions. Hope it sorts itself out soon otherwise I’ll need to start escalating the issue.