Anyone used Curve Fronted with MBNA (UK)

Hi All,

New here after just reading about Curve Fronted which could potentially help me out as I await some decent Balance Transfer offers.

My question is: does anyone in the UK use Curve Fronted with MBNA to pay a credit bill? Does MBNA put this through as a Cash Advance?

I downloaded Curve and was planning on trying a test amount but I would either need to pay £4.99 for the card to be delivered or sign up to one of the monthly plans. Using MBNA to pay off a credit card bill is the only thing I’m really interested in so don’t fancy dropping a fiver to find out I can’t use it how I want.

I know this question has likely been asked before but the last thread I could find was from March, didn’t directly answer my question and I’m aware how quickly it can all change.

Many thanks in advance!