Apart from Amex, which cards you use that is not compatible with Curve?

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Just out of curiosity, apart from Amex which card prepaid or credit you use outside of Curve’s use ?

I live in the Netherlands, also known as ‘Maestro Card Heaven’ :wink:, so I have several Maestro-cards that can not be added to Curve. For my ‘foreign’ Maestro-cards that isn’t really a problem since these accounts also come with a Visa an/or MasterCard that can be added to Curve, but for my Dutch Maestro-cards it is, since these bank accounts (for me) only come with a Maestro-card.
I use one Maestro-card as my main in-store spending card.
For me to able to use the Curve card as my only card (in the Netherlands), it should not only be possible to add Maestro-cards, but the Curve card itself should be a dual scheme one (MasterCard and Maestro).

All my other Visa and MasterCards can ‘more or less’ be added to Curve. Exception is my Openbank (physical) MasterCard, but luckily their Virtual e-commerce MasterCard can be added.

In the past I also had a Wirex Visa card, that I have seen posts about recently that it can not be added to Curve nowadays, but at the time I had the Wirex card it could be added.


Same for me . Isn’t Santander an investor in Curve ? Or do I remember wrong ?


They are indeed, so this makes it (not able to add the Openbank physical MasterCard to Curve) even stranger (Openbank is part of Santander).


I have Diner’s Club

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I tried adding the Tarjeta de Débito Virtual Debit to Curve and it gave me the same issue as the physical debit card. Is this the same e-commerce card you are referring to?

My Openbank-app (and website) is in Dutch, but it looks like yours is different than the card that I am referring too.

I think this one is the same:

As a Spanish customer you certainly have more cards to choose from, not fair… :wink:

I tried the Tarjeta Prepago eCard as well and the card type is unsupported by Curve. I think because it’s not in the list of supported prepaid cards. The BIN number is 52156600

I guess for Spanish Openbank users there isn’t a workaround at the moment.

My BIN for the e-commerce card is different (5558 9000). But also not in the list of supported prepaid BINs. So probably I am just lucky (or the list is outdated or the card is not recognised as prepaid, but as Debit or Credit).

That seems to be a prepaid card. My Openbank physical card is debit and I’ve added it to Curve without issue. The card is Spanish issued.

Opened my account there for the 50€ welcome bonus and free premium package (travel insurance, free FX and a few other perks) for life instead of the 7.99€ a month they usually charge

It is a prepaid card indeed, but strangely enough that is the only Openbank card I could add to Curve. The Openbank debit card with BIN 5224 0300 (which according to a bin checker website is also Spanish issued) I could not add.

In the Netherlands they had exactly the same openingsoffer :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Interesting. They gave both the 50€ and free premium for life at the beginning or only later? Here in Portugal they only added the free premium after a while, probably they weren’t getting the numbers they wanted and probably still won’t even with both offers concurrently.

They advertise 5 ATM withdrawals a month as its signature feature, which in a country where ATM withdrawals are free and unlimited isn’t really anything to brag about. They don’t seem to understanding the market

They copied that behaviour in the Netherlands. The free €50 (if you have at least €500 in your current account) was there from the start (now it is not there anymore, but instead a 2% interest rate for 6 months on a special Welcome savings account) and the free for live Travel package for the first 20.000 customers was added later.

Maestro cards which are common in Croatia as debit cards for your current account, and Diners club.

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Purecard doesn’t work sadly.

Diners Club and Maestro

A couple of Maestro card and one Amex card. I have only a Mastercard credit card and a rechargeable mastercard that are compatible.

In Germany openbank has launched, but you need to join the waitlist for a few weeks.
Til 31JAN you got an Amazon Echo 5 as sign up promo once you deposit 500€ into the account, just received mine yesterday.
Apart from that, also the free travel thingy but only til end of May or so.

Also can’t add my German openbank card, Curve says, it gets blocked by fraud detection from Openbank (decline reason: do not honour)

But it was a pain to sign up for the card, the drop down menus didnt work correctly, video ident only with laptop webcam (not phone app) and I really dont know why the national ID is the user login, hard to remember, would be much better to have the email address / phone number as user login.

But besides that, really like that there is another fintech in the market backed by a big bank. They started with a big bang, Google / Apple Pay right from the getgo, push notifications,…

I’m still a bit hesistant when it comes to putting all my money on a foreign card. I know, all protected by EU banking scheme, but when I have my big money on a German bank account and the bank locks my account / something else happens, I can write in German and if they ignore me, I can sue them in Germany. Looking at the big number of users with locked Revolut accounts with many k€ in it and having it locked for months isn’t appealing much for foreign EU accounts.


I had a problem with signing the contract, and didn’t use the video indent. The option to just send a bank transfer from an account in your name is just much easier. As for the national ID for signing in, that seems to be a Spanish thing. When Abanca (Spanish) bought Deutsche Bank here in Portugal they also changed to using the national ID. Not much of a problem here as everyone knows it perfectly well

I’ve had to deal with the Spanish central bank once and I do not recommend it. You have to write in Spanish (I used auto translate) and you have to prove that you tried everything possible to solve the issue with the bank first. Without that, they won’t even look at the contents of what you actually want

And they’ll most likely try to side with the bank, they are very anti consumer, which also explains why in Spain there are so many fees and dodgy things when it comes to banking

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Capital One as it will not working with curve