App bugged after plan upgrade

Hello everyone!

I activated yesterday the Curve Black plan, but despite having received a confirmation email, in the app I cannot have access to any of the benefits. Everything is just the same as if I still had access to the basic plan. The only place in the app where I can see that I have the Black plan, is if I go to “upgrade my plan”: there I cannot see the Black plan, and if I open the “Compare to my plan” button of the Metal plan, I can see that I actually have the Black plan. But besides this, I cannot choose the retailers, I cannot add more cards and I don’t have travel insurance.
What worries me the most is that I cannot even unsubscribe from the Black plan, probably because the system thinks that I still have the basic plan.

I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app, without success, and I texted the customer support, but I don’t expect to receive any help. Any ideas?