App closes when service chat is opened

the app closes when you call up the chat under ios 15.4
no conversation is possible. restarting the phone or something like that doesn’t help.
it’s annoying and exhausting

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Sorry to hear about this error @mahima112, this might be due to our customer service software (Kustomer) struggling to make a full connection to your Curve account as it’s stored in our system. If this is the case then it’s not an issue our engineering team will be able to fix for you. Our support team will need to check this instead. :grin:

Have you raised this recurring issue with the support team by emailing them at yet?

yes. no answer, no reaction.

It’s possible that your emails also haven’t reached the team fully either then. :thinking:

Please use this form as this will mean that the support team will reach out to you and will be able to reconnect your account at the same time. If you don’t hear from the support team within 48 hours then drop me a PM and I’ll look into it personally with the help of members of the support team. :grin:

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