App doesn't start at all

This is since a few updates I guess, I usually use my other phone.
Curve app brings up the blue screen with Curve logo, and stays there forever. Nothing helps (removing cache, data, uninstall).

Curve v2.12.11 android.
Android v10, Nov5 2019 patchlevel (Pixel Experience ROM on Mi9).

If you need any debug data (logcat, etc) just tell me what.

Latest Curve app version is 2.12.13/2.13.12. It is not possible, for you, to update the app?

I happens to me every now and again. If you leave it and come back to the app a few hours later it will work. I put it down to communication problems with Curve severs.

Upgrade resolved the problem, but the mentioned version wasn’t able to update on multiple tries.

I use GooglePlay to update the app, and it’s kept on the latest. I guess that answers the question? :wink:

Ok, but apparently you weren’t on the latest version… :point_down:t2:

Yes I have learned decades ago that generic human languages (like English) is not suited to convey all the space-time context of an idea. :wink:

It can be observed that my quoted reply (“Upgrade…”) was 5 days after the original, and inbetween an update have happened. It did not happened on the day I have reported the problem, but may have happened any time inbetween (and most probably shortly after your reply).
I guess there’s a delay between uploading new version to GPlay and it being downloadable for the faceless masses. :slight_smile:

The app version, I was referring to in my reply, is available (to all) in the Playstore since the 20th of December, so about three days before your opening post and my reply.