App doesn't work - "no internet connection" issue

I’m on the latest Android beta version 2.75.1. With this and the previous version I cannot log in anymore. After fingerprint auth I get various error messages like “please check your internet connection and retry”, “no internet connection”, and “sorry there was a problem with your request”. This only affects the Wallet and the Account tabs. On the My Money tab I can see all my recent payments but cannot go back in time as the connection is unavailable. This means that the app can at least access the Internet and load some new data. But why would the other tabs not work? As a result I cannot change my preferred card for payments.

I deleted the app cache, restarted the phone many times, and also contacted support. That was one week ago but they haven’t done anything visible yet.
Any ideas how I could fix the issue? What if I deleted all app data or uninstalled and reinstalled the app? Would I lose any data like my linked cards?

Uninstall and reinstall will not lose this data. This data is account related, not app related.

Thanks for your response, poeliev. Coincidentally, support got back to me advising that I should reinstall the app which I did. The Internet error is gone and I could change my preferred card.

I cannot go back in time anymore and FX data cannot be loaded either. Something is still wrong but that might be because it is a beta version.

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