App Redesign: New Profile (iOS)

Update: The New Profile has graduated from Beta and is now live!

Your profile in the app has been revamped and is now available for iOS. The new profile is the first step of the new app design. Android users will see the new profile in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to come by the office. Your feedback is incredibly valuable and has had a direct impact on the redesign.

The main updates are:

  • You can update your profile information with fewer steps. The ability to change email will be created in the future.
  • It’s become easier to share Curve, you now have your very own landing page.
  • Direct access to the Curve community to get the best advice and help from peers and our amazing community team.

There’s a lot more to than what meets the eyes - we’ve started dividing the app and code into modules. We’re also automating testing.

The modular code-based programming allows us to work in parallel on UI, analytics, notifications, and feature sets. We are also able to test more, which is especially valuable for the reusable code. These tests will be run on small pieces of code rather than full scenarios, which is covered below.

With a modularised app, we will start using a release management process with feature flags. This way we can roll out new parts of the app to a group of our customers and roll it back if necessary. It’s also a good way to test what you, our customers, like the best via A/B testing.

Our Test Engineers have been setting up automatic testing. On the profile screen alone there are now 25+ scenarios that will be tested automatically. The plan is to do end to end testing, which will only take 14min.

We are thrilled about this new chapter and building Curve at scale!


New profile

What do you think of the new profile? Would you be interested in joining meetups where we’ll discuss what we are doing behind the scenes?

Curve Beta Signup


I love the look of the new profile! I’d also be up for joining the meet-ups!

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The arrow to navigate back is not very obvious


Thanks @Marksummers very encouraging for the team :slight_smile:. Hope to see you in our next Meetup.

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@trofushka thanks for your feedback, definitely something we will consider.

Hi! The profile needed a revamp and I’m really happy you improved it first. Overall I can’t find any problems with it other than:

  • if I want to get out of the profile, my instinct is to swipe from right to left (just like the animations would suggest), yet I can’t do that and have to manually tap the arrow back,
  • I’d rather see my avatar than some generic icon as a button to get into my profile (are the avatars gone completely?), but that’s just my preference.

I’ve peeped the landing page and it looks great. It’s also nice to see our Community mentioned!

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Thanks @Pawel really feedback. Point one is related to @Marksummers’ comment above, and we have avatars in the pipeline.
Really happy you like the landing page :slight_smile: and the Community! cc @Curve_Marie

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It took me a while to find the in app chat. It would be nice if the communication channel was more prominent. A direct menu item under the support menu would be nice.


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Update: The New Profile is now live for iOS :tada: