App Update v3.0.4 | Grid View Help Please

Was really happy to see the Grid View return to the app in the App Update today … but when I go into it, I can’t work out how to re-order the cards ~ which is the purpose of it for me !

Can anyone idiot proof it for me & tell me how I re-order my cards in the new Grid View please ?

Thank you !


Same question !!! Don’t see the option to get the grid view !

The option for the new style Grid View is in the top right of the Wallet Window … but it looks to me to just be another view to select your active card, rather than enabling you to order them outside of the default I’m currently stuck with !

Any help appreciated …

Isn’t this more like “list view”??

Grid View is back by popular demand as a revamped quick action List View ! If you have lots of cards, List View helps you quickly and easily swap between them.

As per the notes on the update. So it’s List View – So Curve, clearly haven’t listened to their customer base who wanted Grid View back?


Is this android or iOS? I haven’t had an android update yet

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Odd looking grid to me…

Messy ordering too with no way to re-organise into a logical list.


Yep, I just want a way to be able to order my cards !

This used to be the way, but if it isn’t now ~ where can I do that ?

My cards were previously ordered defined by me, but then on the app update where we lost Grid View, they randomised and now it’s a really annoying the order they’re in !


It looks like at the moment we still don’t have a way to organise our cards.

Hopefully in future releases as Curve recently posted a survey which show some potentially good options.

ugh, that looks terrible.
doesn’t make sense to have 1 long column instead of several ones

We will make it possible to rearrange the cards in another update.

@Pagemakers - that’s because it’s a list. You can find the release note here: Bug Report - iOS v.3.0.4

@Lucas The black bar is hiding the card details in the list. This will make it easier to distinguish between cards from the same issuer.

I appreciate the change, it’s a step in the right direction.

Reordering is coming soon which is another step.

But a return to the original grid would be much better. Or at least an option to have this as the default view in the wallet tab. Instead you have to look at the scroller/carousel view then tap the list button.

Whereas before the standard view was the grid which would allow you to easily look for the picture of the card you want and swap. This is the functionality me and a lot of other want back.

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The release notes state “Grid view is back by popular demand”.

However you spin it grid view is not back.

Not true - you cut the sentence there @Pagemakers. Double checked in the app store.


When is a grid a list?

A grid is a grid. A list is a list.

It is better than before but not as good as the grid view.


How can you get onto being a Beta Tester / Pilot of new features to feedback on the UX of features & capabilities ?

List of jumbled up cards making it harder to find cards as they are all mixed up and the way you want it to make it easier is missing why can’t we reorganise them and make it better

The current order is made up by rewards, followed by the other cards ordered by oldest. We will make it possible to rearrange the cards in a future version.